Get Darker, Fuller Lashes with an Eyelash Tint

Get fuller, thicker eyelashes with eyelash tint

As we get older, our hair not only starts to thin, but it starts to get lighter and less robust. Beauty consultants around the world have come up with a vast array of methods to help bring us back to the long and luscious lashes of our youth. You can visit your salon and get professionally applied lash extensions, or grab a DIY extension kit and take care of it yourself at home. There are also many mascaras and serums on the market that can enhance and lengthen your lashes with the swipe of an application wand.

If you aren’t interested in extensions and you’re getting tired of the daily application method, you may want to consider grabbing an eyelash tint kit and adding a little color and texture. There are quite a few options available, and most last upwards of 6 weeks, so you can spend a little time on your lashes and then enjoy them – hassle-free! 

8 Lash Tint Kits for Darker, Fuller Lashes

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Libeauty Black Lash Tint, $29.89

Libeauty Black Lash Tint Kit

Libeauty’s complete lash tint kit is perfect for at-home or salon use. The kit only takes 15 minutes to apply and lasts up to 6 weeks.

Honest Beauty Honestly Healthy Lash Tint, $19.99

Honest Beauty Honestly Healthy Lash Tint

This everyday, serum-infused lash tint defines and enhances the look of lashes in three shades of your choice: black, brown, and natural. The nourishing treatment delivers lash-enhancing benefits while strengthening lashes and supporting lash health. The clinically tested lightweight formula effortlessly enhances from root to tip for naturally fuller-looking lashes. 

MIYA Lash All in One Lash Lift & Eyebrow Lamination Kit, $39.99

MIYA Lash All in One Lash Lift & Eyebrow Lamination Kit

This gentle keratin-rich brow lamination and lash lift and tint kit will open up and brighten your face for a younger-looking appearance with outstanding results that last up to 6 weeks. In addition to feeling and looking fabulous, you’ll save loads of time not having to apply makeup or use a lash curler every day!

Lomansa Lash Tint Kit, $25.89

Lomansa Lash Tint Kit

Use this black eyelash tint up to 15 times. It lasts up to six weeks and can be used for professional-looking eyebrows or lash tinting to give you darker, more defined lashes and brows.

MELLUCCI Lash Lift and Tint Kit, $46.99

MELLUCCI Lash Lift and Tint Kit

This eyelash perm kit contains everything you need to lift and tint your eyelashes. It gives you natural, dark, volume, and curly lashes and is a great alternative to lash extensions.

Godefroy Eyelash Tint & Curl For Bold Lashes, $14.99

Godefroy Eyelash Tint & Curl For Bold Lashes

This kit gives you bold lashes without all of the bulk that can weigh them down. This clinically-tested formula is excellent for all hair types and comes with an approximately 60-90 day supply. It contains no hydrogen peroxide or synthetic dyes, using natural ingredients. It offers easy at-home application without the need for a beauty salon.

Libeauty Lash Lift and Tint Kit, $48.89

Libeauty Lash Lift and Tint Kit

This kit includes lash tinting and lifting in one. Get up to ten applications out of the kit, each lasting up to six weeks. Get darker, fuller, more volumized lashes almost instantly. 

GAQQI Lash Lift and Tint Kit, $37.99

GAQQI Lash Lift and Tint Kit

Wake up with the lashes and brows of your dreams. This kit will provide you with all the things you need for your lash lifting, brow laminating, and tinting services, and it will give you beautiful black eyelashes and glamorous feathered black brows that last up to 6 weeks. 


If you’ve wanted darker, fuller lashes without an expensive trip to the salon, you might consider an eyelash tint. It’ll save you time getting ready every day while allowing you to look your best. 

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