Got Spotty Skin? Our Top Color-Correcting Creams Can Help!

The best color correcting creams will even out your skin tone while making it healthier in the process. Here are our top options.
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As hard as we might try to protect it, we still put our skin through the wringer on a daily basis. While we buy moisturizers with SPF and apply sunscreen every day (or we should…), we will inevitably see some sign of damage or aging as we age. It’s a natural progression—the indication of a well-lived life—and something we tend to just deal with.

What’s nice, though, is there are products on the market that can help even out our skin tone and keep us from having to do something extreme to keep our skin looking somewhat youthful. If you’re like me, you’ve started seeing dark spots or sun spots on your face, and they aren’t your favorite features. For many years I used a good foundation that I applied every day, but after a conversation with my dermatologist, I decided to try out a color-correcting cream, and it made a huge difference. 

What’s nice about a color-correcting cream is that it doesn’t just help even out your skin tone; it also has anti-aging properties. If you want to try one out, simply look for the benefits your personal skin requires and then try to match it to your natural tone. If you can get one with a built-in SPF, that’s a huge bonus because it’ll save you a skin-care step each day and a little money because you can avoid purchasing a separate product. 

Here are some of our top options that offer a range of benefits. If you haven’t tried a color-correcting cream before, spring is a great time to do just that.

Best Color Correcting Creams for Mature Skin

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If you want your skin to look more even while protecting it from the sun’s harsh rays, consider investing in a color-correcting cream. You’ll find that your skin looks fresher and healthier in no time.

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