Fall is officially here! We have seen so many different looks down the runway, but here are some of my favorite fashion trends:

  • Patchwork
  • Quilted
  • Plaid
  • Textured Knits
  • Menswear Inspired Fabrics – lots of tweed
  • Florals
  • Sleek Silver Fabrics
  • Animal Prints
  • Red
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Longer Silhouettes

While the clothing styles are very striking, the fall makeup trends are softer. 2018 fall makeup collections are warm and cozy. The inspiration is all about the beautiful colors from our everyday life during the fall season. At Geilla, we wanted to capture that essence with a very natural and radiant look that is reflective of Hygge, a Norwegian and Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Live beautifully and happily.

Here are some fall makeup color choices and application techniques for you.


Think brown! I would select a soft rosy brown with a hint of texture in gold or pink. This season is moving away from the bright pink and coral cheeks. However, be careful not to choose a color that is too brown like a contour color.

Crème Cheek Color

Laura Mercier Crème Cheek Color, $28

Whether its cream or powder, apply to the apples of your cheeks. Pick up with your ring finger or brush and blend in circular motions until it is blended.


Think easy, soft and glowing! The look is simple. Always start with an eyeshadow primer, then a bone or soft pinky peach eyeshadow over it. Without an eyeshadow primer, your eyeshadow will crease and disappear in an hour; it’s a waste of your time and product. It’s an extra step but worthwhile as your eyeshadow will stay on all day long!

Magnetic Eye

GIELLA Magnetic Eye, $24

For eyeshadow colors, you can choose a soft rose/champagne brown color to apply on the lids and blend into the crease. Or look for eye shadows in Cinnamon Gold, a beautiful burnt rose color and Iced Rose, a soft champagne rose color.

Always define your brows with a pomade, tint, pencil or powder and apply lots of mascara. For eyeliner, try a little inspiration from the 80s, a teal liner on the inside water line.

Tell Me Teal Eye Pencil

GIELLA Tell Me Teal Eye Pencil, $24

For a brighter, more refreshed look, apply a flesh colored pencil on your water line, below your brow bones or the inside corner of your eyes.


Think texture, warm and universal! Lips can be a nude rose color with a soft shimmer reflecting light. Or try a deeper color in a brown with a merlot tone. A sheer spice or maple gloss can also soften any brighter color, warming up the look from fall.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick, $34

Lip Velvet Matte Lipstick

Burberry Beauty Lip Velvet Matte Lipstick, $35

One of my favorites is Nude Cashmere, a soft nude pink/peach with the smooth and hydrating quality of our hand crafted lip glosses. This gloss truly captures the essence of soft and cozy cashmere down to its color. It is perfect for your everyday wear or paired with a smoky eye for night.


Highlighter has been popular for many seasons, but the newest version is in a cozy cream application. It feels like velvet to the touch and applies very easily. It can be applied by warming the product with your fingers and applying directly on to the skin or using a synthetic brush such as the one you would use for your foundation; it can also be applied by using a sponge such as a beauty blender.

Cheek Tint

GIELLA Cheek Tint, $30

Apply to cheek bones and along the bridge of the nose for a dewy glow or a touch on the cheek bones for just a soft natural highlight. It’s perfect to wear on its own or in conjunction with your blush. It can also be applied near the eyes, either on the lid as a shadow or just as a highlight on the brow bone.

So, enjoy the cozy season and embrace the rosey browns in your makeup!


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