What Hair Style is Best For Me?

Dear Paul,

How do I know what hair style is best for me? I’ve cut my hair short but I just don’t feel pretty. Help Please

– Emily from Buffalo


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Hi Emily,

Well not knowing you and without a picture attached I can only tell you how I decide what hair styles are right for the clients I do.

In making my consultation work I look carefully at the person I see in the mirror. When doing this I make many observations.

How is the clients neckline, does the client have spirals and cow licks. How thick is the client’s hair. What is the texture curly straight, are there any abrasions, skin conditions or scars on the scalp.

Most importantly I look at the face shape, and in addition I ask about lifestyle and how much time they would put into doing their hair every day.

Now the complicated part is I do all this in about 5 minutes.

So you have short hair and you don’t feel pretty.


Perhaps it’s just the wrong short hair style for your face. For example rounder faces need more hair on their cheeks, square jaws look better with length behind the ear. Heart shape faces look extra pretty with a longish side bang.

We can do your next consultation virtually. Send me your visuals profile, back, front and crown views. And I will get a good idea of what you need to feel sexy at any age.

One last tip perhaps your short hair style needs product gels and pomades completely change and resurrect a style.Try our Daily Style Gel or our Daily finish Matte Pomade.

Daily Style Gel












Available at  www.paullabrecque.com.
Just click on PL Haircare.

Thanks for reading, and Emily we’ve only just begun your journey to perfect hair. Xo Paul


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