Stop Baking Your Hair!

As we get older, our hair gets thinner and more brittle. If you remove heat from your styling process, you can get shiny, healthy hair.
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Let’s kick off with some incredible news –  L’Oréal recently invested in Zuvi, recognizing the game-changing Light Care™ technology. That means that they’ve come to the same conclusion that I did last fall: Zuvi Halo is a game changer when it comes to healthier, shinier hair.

Looking Back

In my youth, I didn’t give hair quality or its diverse types much thought. I recognized differences like varying lengths and colors—blonde, brunette, or black—and noticed some individuals lacked significant hair, particularly older men. However, beyond these basic distinctions, hair held little significance to me; it was simply hair.

It wasn’t really until I was in college that I began to realize just how much variation there is. This aha moment came because my roommate had the thickest, fullest hair I’d ever seen. My insignificant little ponytail would pale in comparison to hers. She wore her hair short – in more of a lob cut – and the hairstyles she could create were impressive. Of course, much of that was her natural skill, but the hair she had to work with allowed her to really explore creative options.

Then there was me. I had a head full of thin, fine hair that seemed lifeless in comparison. And you won’t be surprised to hear that it didn’t magically evolve throughout my life.

Aging Hair

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As we age, our hair undergoes a natural aging process, often leading to common issues such as thinning, breakage, and increased frizz. While some of these concerns stem from environmental factors or lifestyle choices, others are influenced by genetics or hormonal changes, particularly in women experiencing menopause.

According to WebMD, “Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when her monthly menstrual cycle stops. When this happens, it lowers the production of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones help hair grow faster and stay on the head for longer periods of time. When there’s less of the hormone, there is less hair.”

Seeking thicker, fuller hair and aiming to preserve its quality amidst aging, I’ve experimented with various thickening shampoos, conditioners, and supplements, yielding mixed results. I’ve found that focusing on my nutritional intake and incorporating supplements can also positively impact hair health.

However, the most significant transformation has come from refining my hair care practices, including daily routines and product selection. Introducing nourishing products has enhanced my hair’s vitality by supplying essential nutrients and preventing damage. Equally crucial is eliminating products that could harm my hair, alongside adopting simple lifestyle adjustments that can greatly benefit overall hair health.

Difference Maker

Zuvi Halo Feature

Last fall, I wrote about adding a Zuvi Halo hairdryer to my hair care arsenal. At the time, I’d seen a difference in how my hair looked after getting ready in the morning. I especially noticed a difference after actually drying my hair. I could use just a round brush and the dryer and skip the straightener or curling iron step. Because of the decrease in heated tools, my hair was healthier and shinier than ever.

Fast forward to today. The difference is increasingly apparent, and I’ve streamlined my hair prep process even more. I still use a quality shampoo and conditioner (never underestimate the value of good products), and then I towel dry my hair to remove all the excess water. I’ve gotten to where I like to use a dime-sized dollop of BioSilk leave-in conditioner to give my hair a little more shine and protection from the daily elements. Plus, I like to take really hot showers (which I realize are a no-no when it comes to keeping moist skin and hair, but I just love them too much to let them go), so the extra conditioning treatment helps counteract that.

With the lower drying temperatures, you’ll find a process that’s gentler on your hair. Zuvi Halo does not just dry your hair fast at cooler temperatures; it also keeps your hair hydrated. This is crucial for hair health and strength, especially when it comes to thinning hair.

The most significant difference is due to the Zuvi Halo. When I started using it, I stopped baking my hair. Traditional hair dryers often use high heat for fast drying and styling, which can damage the hair cuticle and cause it to become dry and brittle. With the Zuvi Halo hair dryer, you can enjoy a gentler hair-drying experience without sacrificing drying speed because it was designed for people who care more about hair health. You get less hair breakage with much less heat.

Zuvi Halo Before and After
Get less damage with Zuvi Halo.

Lasting Differences

With Zuvi Halo, I’ve cut down on the time it takes to get ready every day because I removed several steps from the process. Gone are the days of curling irons and straighteners; in their place is a head of shiny, healthy hair. I personally prefer to use the ‘Style’ setting on the blow dryer because it allows me to add a little curl and body to my hair with just the brush and dryer working together. I’ve also found I have a lot less frizz or flyaways because I removed the heat from the styling process. My hair looks better than ever, and I’m loving every minute of my life with Zuvi Halo.

Don’t just take my word for it: take guidance from a high-value brand like L’Oreal and the trust they’ve put in Zuvi, too!

Check it Out!

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