Is Menopause Making Your Hair Feel Dull and Dry?

As we age, we start to experience thinning hair and dry skin. Silvessa from Bonafide can help you see improvements — fast!
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They say beauty comes from within, so what you put IN your body can make all the difference when it comes to the health of your hair and skin. That’s why the Silvessa routine is such a smart idea for women crawling up in age who—like me, as I sit parked in my mid-50s—don’t love that their hair is thinning and their skin is sagging.

The Silvessa routine is designed for those of us dealing with peri- and postmenopausal hair and skin. The scientists behind this solution understand that our health needs some extra love and nourishment in this chapter of our lives, so they’ve designed a three-pronged approach: a daily supplement to provide nutritional and structural support for your hair and skin over the long haul, plus two topical serums (one for your hair and one for your skin).

When used together, the three Silvessa products lead to real results. It may take a few months to see the improvements. I know it’s hard to be patient in the “I want it now” mindset of today, but we all know all good things don’t happen overnight, especially when it comes to our health. That said, I personally noticed results much sooner—more on that later! Silvessa

Key Differences

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Compared to other products I’ve used in the past, the biggest difference I can see from using this system is Silvessa‘s comprehensive approach. Bonafide created a system specifically formulated for hair to look thicker and skin to appear smoother. They understand that at this point in our lives, we’re dealing with a major drop in estrogen. When estrogen declines, we see the impact, and few of us like it.

This three-pronged solution involves the daily supplement (which attacks the problem from the inside) as well as the face and hair serums (which attack from the outside), combining for what I call the one-two-three punch to aging. Take that!

Just a Simple Pill

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The supplement is what I like to call the gal’s version of the little blue pill. Not because it’s impacted my desires (at least that I’ve noticed), but because it literally is a little blue capsule. It’s the first part of the approach because we all know what goes on the inside ultimately shows up on the outside. This daily capsule is designed to nourish and protect our hair and skin from being negatively impacted by declining estrogen levels.*

The scientists behind Silvessa say you won’t start to see results in the first month. It’ll take more like three months to notice a difference and six months to really see healthier-looking hair and skin.* And, like all of Bonafide’s products, the scientists have the data to back up their claims of measurable results. Each product is the result of rigorous scientific research, and they have great stats, testimonials, and clinical results.

Once you feel better about how you look, you’ll find you have more confidence each and every day. At least I do. As someone who was always really proud of my thick, long hair and younger-looking skin, it was heartbreaking to see how thin my hair was getting and how my skin was sagging. I’ve been taking the capsules for a month now. I’m super excited to keep up the routine and compare what I’ll look like in the near future.

Hydration Station

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Beyond the capsule, my favorite part of this routine is the skin serum. I just use a squirt or two from the bottle—a pea-sized amount—and it covers my entire face and neck. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, so it’s very hydrating. While the instructions on the bottle clearly say not to put anything else on top of it for at least five minutes, I typically let it sit even longer just to make sure I’m getting the maximum benefit.

After only a month of using Silvessa Skin Serum, I have already noticed an improvement in my skin, which looks and feels much more hydrated. If I’m already this happy with that result, I can only imagine how I’ll feel after six months of using it. I already feel like I see fewer lines and wrinkles, and I think it’s been years since my skin seemed so bright instead of dull. The skin serum is now just a normal part of my morning routine—I just apply it each morning right after brushing my teeth.

Bonafide silvessa serum

The hair serum was a little more challenging to get used to. The instructions say it can be applied to either damp or dry hair. While I love to have the option, I admit that using the product on dry hair took me a few tries to master. When I first tried it, my hair had a bit of an oily sheen where I’d placed the product. However, I found that if I rubbed into my scalp for at least 20 seconds (as the directions indicated and I’d rushed past), it looked much better. Personally, using Silvessa on wet hair has been the best method, so I typically just take that approach.

Now, I apply the hair serum to my scalp right after I shower, and that’s made a huge difference—you can’t tell that I’ve applied anything. I feel like I’m starting to notice less thinning. Instead, I notice fuller, thicker, and healthier-looking hair. Since my hair has been such a big part of my identity for so long, this part excites me the most.


I understand we all have to live with menopause eventually and all of its cruel side effects. But I’m not going down without a fight, especially when it comes to my hair and skin. So I’m eager to have this comprehensive solution as my one-two-three punch in the battle, especially since it’s so simple and takes less than five minutes out of each and every morning.

Of course, I’d love to see overnight results. But we all know those results don’t last. Instead, I’m good with making the Silvessa routine a lasting one for what I believe will be lasting results. If you want to give it a try, I recommend you sign up for the three-month subscription. Three months is the minimum to see results, and this plan will cost you less than a hundred dollars a month.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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