5 Tips for Growing Out Short Cuts

With societies social distancing and the closure of salons across the USA due to the coronavirus epidemic, we will be needing to find ways to grow out our short cuts gracefully. To help, here are five tips for growing out your pixie cut.

1. Take Care of your Hair

Healthy hair and scalp will always assure fast growth so start the process by nurturing your hair with excellent home care and use a mask treatment at least once a month. IIes Formula hair mask is vitamin-infused so also beneficial for maintaining a healthy scalp.

2. Slick it Back

An extra-long pixie becomes a chic new style when slicked straight back. The idea is to keep trimming the circumference with a feathered texture until the length is gained on top. This will be a difficult task if your salon is closed and I do not advise trimming yourself, so when the bangs are in your eyes start wearing them off the face.

A small thin headband can be a very good accessory to keep the hair in place, especially when hair is freshly cleaned. With the headband, you can train the hair into place and by the second day, it may not be needed.

france luxe skinny headband growing out pixie
French Luxe Skinny Headband, $24

3. Add a Little Curl

Growing out a bob is relatively easy, as the cut is in place as the style gains length. However, there is a point of no-man’s-land between your chin and shoulders, where a little curl at the tips can bring the shape up to a more polished bob.

4. Style your Bangs

The trick to growing out straight bangs: Style them away from your face and part your hair in the center. Doing so helps the ends blend more naturally into longer pieces. Use a curling iron or styling brush to create the elongating effect.

They are called curtain bangs, a remnant of the ’70s  Brigitte Bardot-style bangs. Very elegant dressed down or up when length at back is attached in French Roll.

growing out short hair pixie

5. Let it Wave

Encourage your own wave or curl as your hair gains extra length. A wave will cover a thousand sins.

Get the effect at home by sleeping in foam rollers with hair curled away from your face or by using a curling iron. Use a nurture curl serum to maintain a curl with no frizz.

wavy hair growing out pixie 2

wavy hair growing out pixieI hope this article will give you encouragement for change while growing out your pixie and beyond. Remember to nurture your hair, and please stay safe.


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