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celebrate the holidays
On The Town

PRiME Women Celebrate the Holidays

'Tis the season when parties abound as we celebrate the holidays. (Left to right above) Prime Women's new editor in chief, Ann Franks joined Prime Women founders, Valerie Freeman, Dorthy Shore and Dianne Patterson for a night of drinks, food, and caroling. Parties are a great time to see what… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • December 29, 2016
after christmas sales tips

After Christmas Savings Tips from PRiME Women

Editor-in-Chief, Ann Franks, has been tracking some of the hottest after Christmas deals for PRiME subscribers. “To get the best deals, think big ticket items like appliances and electronics that stores need to clear out to make room for the new models. Even though we still have winter weather to… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • December 26, 2016
favorite picks

Loving It! Prime Picks for PRiME Women

Don’t you love it when a friend tells you about a product or service they discovered that really works and actually exceeds expectations? Well, that is exactly what this new Prime Women column, “Loving It!” is all about. The idea is to share information with one another about these large… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • December 18, 2016
Tips for Staying Healthy

Tips for Staying Healthy: Delay Aging by Staying Active and Eating Right

The most popular article on nutrition that Prime Women published in 2016 was entitled 7 Surprising Unhealthy Diet Foods. We all need reminding every now and then of healthy options and practices that keep us looking and feeling our best. Instead of focusing on don’ts, let’s take a look at some… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • October 7, 2016
5 Keys to Success
Personal Growth

5 Keys to Success: What You Must Give Up

You've read lots of articles and books about setting goals and what you need to do to be successful at any endeavor. The keys to success lie in taking certain actions. However, most of the time, those self-help manuals focus on what you need to do and less about what you shouldn't… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • August 11, 2016
Stylish Hats

Stylish Hats: A Prime Woman’s Best Accessory

Hats are making a comeback, especially stylish hats. If you flip through a People magazine or watch "Access Hollywood," you're sure to see one of the hottest new actresses or models wearing a hat. Whether they're spotted going through an airport or shopping on Rodeo Drive, they are usually donning a… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • July 28, 2016
Sugar Bombs

Sugar Bombs and How to Avoid Them

Avoiding hidden sugar bombs in manufactured foods is almost impossible -- sugar is a necessary evil in food production. It is the ultimate sweetener, flavor enhancer, texturizer, and preservative. Arm yourself against sugar bombs by learning their secret names, reading food labels and making smarter choices. We've all protested the communal… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • July 7, 2016
Royal Ascot - Dorthy and Jan
On The Town

On The Town at Royal Ascot

Prime founder, Jan Fletcher OBE, invited fellow Prime founder, Dorthy Miller Shore, to join her and her family at Royal Ascot this year, Britain’s most valuable and important race meeting. Much like the U.S.'s Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot attracts many of the world’s finest racehorses to compete for more than £6.58… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • June 22, 2016
Travel Must Haves

5 Travel Must Haves for Every Prime Woman

Whether going away for a month long European vacation or just a weekend getaway, there are at least 5 travel must haves that a woman of a certain age needs in her handbag. In fact, it's a great idea to buy duplicates and then you can keep a set in… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • June 9, 2016
What is Menopause

What is Menopause? Guide to Age, Signs, Causes & Treatments

Some women ease through the stages of menopause, their symptoms fairly slight, periodic and overall about as annoying as a bad period. Others endure more debilitating symptoms. Regardless of which category you fall into, virtually every woman has questions about what is menopause. That’s why we created the PRiME Women… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • May 27, 2016
Featured Women

Featured Women: Barbara Grufferman

Barbara Grufferman is the creator of the popular website Best of Everything After 50. Her franchise has expanded far beyond her original blog to include a best-selling book called, appropriately, The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More, a YouTube series, and… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • May 21, 2016
Mature Swimsuits 600x410

Mature Swimsuits: Prime Women Style

Just because our figures are, shall we say, a little fuller now, and maybe things aren't where they used to be, and it takes a lot of self-tanner to make our legs look okay, doesn't mean we don't want a stylish swimsuit. Mature swimsuits are out there, but you have to know where to… Read More
  • Prime Women |
  • May 12, 2016

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