Editor’s Note: Wrapping January and Things to Love in February

Your inner critic

Hello, everyone! February is here – and so are the Winter Olympics. Will you be watching this year? I’ll be glued to the ice skating and ski jump, myself – and trying to not cry over those athlete profiles that are so emotional!

Now, it is a short month, so our editorial calendar is packing a lot into the coming days. Of course love and relationships are on the agenda (or editorial calendar), so you’ll want to read relationship expert, Nicole DiRocco’s take on being single. Look for it the week for the 5th! Also, if you or a friend is single, make sure you sign up for her upcoming free master class webinar on February 11: 5 Essential Steps to Create the Relationship You Deserve.

Back by popular demand – we also have an upcoming post by our sommelier Tricia Conover, with some sexy food and wine pairings. You know, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to enjoy them either.

We’ve had such a great response to Dr. Jena Field’s series of articles on rewiring your brain for happiness. Make sure you read the first two, and finish with this month’s last submission that asks us to embrace our inner critic.

Our fitness guru Debra Atkinson will be introducing us to a delightful concept that will help us sleep better. AND it involves carbs.

You’re going to get makeup tips and recommendations from our experts Elizabeth Rist and Giella, and fashion finds from Dorthy Shore, and romantic looks from Judy Ninman.

We’ll also be learning some tips and tricks for landscape photography from Lisa Erdberg. You’ll have time to practice before the first beautiful days of spring draw you outside to snap those gorgeous pics.

And if you ever thought about visiting India – or maybe thought you DIDN’T want to visit India, you’ll love the post coming from Debbie Johnson later this month.

In January, Prime Women were reading:

How to find shoes that are fashionable yet functional – who doesn’t need that? Becca Bowen takes us shopping.

The upsetting but true tale of financial elder abuse from our own Bette Price.

Shannon Perry introduced us to 6 unusual ways to increase your life expectancy.

In Ladies Your Vintage is Showing, Mary Carpenter explored the truth about women, alcohol and aging.

We also talked about wearing the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018 – ultra violet, and we mused over short hairstyles and the 5 makeup steps to a more beautiful you.

Other big topics for starting the year on the right foot included letting go of negative thoughts, how to design your second act, and tips to improve your love life.

Thank you all for your support. Let’s make it a February filled with love and laughter.

– Prime Women


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