Career Transition: Are You Headed in the Right Direction?

career transition

Have you ever been in a dilemma about making the “right” decision or going in the “best” direction? I’ve found that when the decision IS right, there seem to be messages confirming you’re headed in the right direction, whether in a career transition or your personal life.

This reminds me of the German folktale, Hansel and Gretel — two children who were led into the woods against their will. Hansel dropped breadcrumbs along the path so they could find their way back out.

Let me give you an example. For over 5 years I’ve had the itch to get more involved in broadcasting. That’s where I started my career. This was simply a dream — an aspiration — that became more and more purposeful. Little by little, opportunities evolved. I saw each opportunity as the Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs that kept leading me along a clear path or direction. My job was to gobble them up and move forward. Today, this dream has evolved into becoming a Fox News Contributor and soon to hosting a podcast on Real News Network.

Having coached hundreds of women drawn to their new purpose, here are the benefits of noticing the breadcrumbs along the path that take you in the right direction through a career transition.

Breadcrumbs Clarify
When you’re passionate about a direction and want clarification that you’re on the right track, look for the breadcrumbs that — when noticed — start connecting the dots.

Breadcrumbs Lead to Inspiration
Isn’t it interesting? The more you notice good things happening, the more it seems good things happen to you. When you focus on the positive breadcrumbs that show up, you’ll become more optimistic. You’ll be inspired. You’ll be more determined. You’ll become a “first-class noticer” who takes action and makes it happen!

Use these 3 tips to become a “first-class noticer.”

Open your eyes. Notice the little things.

I’ve gained great insights in Mark Batterson’s book, Draw the Circle. He talks about how important it is to take notice when you see steps that seem to be leading you in a direction. Now with your eyes (and heart) wide open, you will be more intentional in recognizing the breadcrumbs along the path. When you experience them, it builds your confidence in your decision. Instead of roadblocks in your career transition, things seem to flow together. You’re more confident in taking the next step, because you feel it’s the right direction.

Become a child again. Reclaim your creativity.

Sometimes our creativity can leave us after grade school. When the teacher said, “Valerie, you’re good at writing, but you need to change your style and stick to the basic rules of grammar.” My heart balked, “Never!” My mind said, “Never!” Every ounce of me shouted, “NO!”

Now as an author, I’ve learned to let the child in me come out. I choose to be myself. I choose to communicate to readers from my heart — without prescriptive mumbo jumbo. I write freely. I show my brand. I celebrate my style. That’s the rebellious, yet creative child in me.

Let the creative child in YOU show up — in how you lead, how you communicate and how you relate to others. You’ll become more authentic and more effective. Why? Because it’s true that “people do business with people they know, they like, and they TRUST.”

Creativity lives in authenticity; trust does too.

Draw the circle. Activate your RAS.

Mark Batterson shares this insight about “drawing the circle around your goal(s).”

“There is a cluster of nerve cells at the base of our brain stem called the reticular activating system that monitors our environment. We are constantly bombarded by countless stimuli vying for our attention, and it is the job of the RAS to determine what gets noticed and what goes unnoticed.”

My translation? The RAS notices the breadcrumbs!

Mark continues, “When you set your mind on wanting to decide or move toward a new direction, RAS recognizes what is relevant. You start noticing anything related to those goals.”

Activate YOUR RAS! Draw YOUR circle — enter YOUR goal. Your RAS will “follow the breadcrumbs” leading to possibility thinking.

When is the time to make a career transition—to follow your heart and do something radically different? Why not now? If you sense a discontent, a pull to something new – why not check it out and see what happens along the way? The right direction could be just in front of you.

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