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Best Business Idea: 5 Ways To Create A Spring Spark

I love the descriptive words for spring! Refresh. Renew. Re-energize. Your best business idea could be in bloom right now!

Recently our team was talking about how ready we are to tell Old Man Winter to take a hike and ask Spring Sunshine to show herself soon. I echoed their sentiment that when spring comes, most of us are more than ready to re-energize and do something exciting, something new.

Let’s look at 5 things you can do to create a spring spark into your business.

Spring Spark In Your Business1. Work on accomplishing one of your goals with spending just 9 minutes a day. My friend and colleague, William Arruda, researched the fact that 9 minutes a day is the actual amount of time you need to focus on your career—as opposed to working in your career. As a Forbes contributor, here’s his article for more information. This is definitely a best business idea!

Check out this video: LinkedIn: 9 minutes can change everything.

2. Work on your LinkedIn summary. In becoming a Master Brand Strategist, my training included a deep dive into ways to use LinkedIn to bring more visibility to your business. Example: your summary should be a branded bio that tells about YOU as a person, not just one that lists your accomplishments. That’s a resume—NOT a brand summary. Consider the picture you posted. Does it show your personality? What title do you use? Does it say what you do, not just list a title? How personable is your summary? Do I get a flavor for who you are and how you deliver your services? And why would I want to do business with you just from reading your summary?

Click here to contact me to take a free LinkedIn Quiz to see if you are a LinkedIn laggard or a LinkedIn leader. It’s fun and insightful.

3. Meet each week with someone who can be your brand ambassador. Someone who believes in you and in what you do. Someone who can influence your success and help others keep you top of mind when an opportunity knocks that’s in your wheel house. Sometimes your greatest opportunities come from having strong relationships. That’s the essence of business today.

4. Get a great new outfit. Just do it!

5. Read a good book. Do you get caught in only reading reports and business articles? Take a break—lose yourself in something interesting OTHER than work.

That’s my POV (Point of View) and I’m stickin’ to it!

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