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Plan, Communicate, Start Looking

Find some one to date: Plan, Communicate, Start Looking

In our column last month we described how important it is to draw up a profile of the kind of man you want to marry. If you have been following the The Marriage Plan, then you have written down:

    • How old you want him to be;
    • Any physical characteristics that you might reject;
    • How much money he has;
    • Any race, ethnicity, or religion requirements.
    • Have you set out the values that you expect?


Look at your criteria and check them out with your best friend. Are you being too picky? Are these really important to you. Can you be happily married to someone who doesn’t meet this profile?

Plan, Communicate, Start Looking for a husband

Speaking of a best friend, have you shared your goal and the specific date with her or him? Remember the date you wrote down? It is very important to tell someone that you want to get married and that you believe it is reasonable for you to meet a man and marry him within a year. Tell your friend that “Life is short, and I am moving on”. Tell yourself continually “I am capable of falling in love and marrying within a year.”

Telling someone for the first time that you want to get married is usually difficult. You must be confident. You may fear the reaction of, “This is crazy.” or “Where did you get this idea?” Again, be confident. If someone discourages you, then find someone else you can trust to support you.

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Now, where are you going to meet the man of your future? Is work a possibility? Are you a tennis player or a golfer? Dig down deep into who you are and what you like because it is your interests that you will want to share with this partner. What communities are you a part of? Do you belong to a church, a social club, a fitness center? If not, join one. Most people marry someone who was introduced to them by their friends so you will have to tell your friends. You will be surprised how willingly they take on the task of searching out prospects for you.

Many people are using dating websites because so many people have been successful with using them. The top 5 senior sites for people over 50 are: match.com, zoosk.com; ourtime.com; seniorpeoplemeet.com; and eharmony.com. There are innumerable websites for dating. Remember to follow the #1 Rule for using online dating sites. Agree to give no information that will enable people to find your address. The #2 Rule: Your first meeting with any prospect should be in a public place and you must get yourself there and home. I know you know it is important to play it safe. So follow these rules faithfully.

This process of searching out where you might meet potential prospects can be both exciting and scary. The unknown is always a challenge but it can both motivate us and make us anxious. If you lose confidence, go to that person in your life who encourages you with, “You can do it. You will get married in one year or less. Happiness reigns in your future.”

Hope you are here on PrimeWomen.com next time when we describe the important steps to take after you meet the man you believe will be your future husband. How will you know if he is honest? How will you know if he is playing games? What are your expectations for a healthy sex life? …Until then, start looking.

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