What To Do When He Invites You for A Weekend Getaway

Your new beau asks you to go away for the weekend, but you aren't sure whether to accept the invitation. Let's figure out how to make the decision.
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He’s charming, sophisticated, and funny. He plays the guitar and rides a motorcycle. He likes long walks on the beach and drinks fine wine. He’s the perfect guy. Not only is he amazing, but he’s also head over heels for you. One night, over a romantic dinner, he asks you to go away with him for a quick getaway. What do you say? Are you ready to go away with him? Is this a big step in your relationship, or are you overthinking it? Your heart says yes, but your mind says no. What should you do? This article will cover what to do if he invites you for a weekend getaway. If you are the lucky woman who finds herself in this dilemma, ask yourself three questions before you pack your bags.

Question 1: How Well Do You Know Him?

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Before accepting the invitation, consider how well you know and trust him. If you know him well and trust him with your life, pack your bags and set sail. If you don’t know him well enough, however, understand that you will be in a vulnerable position on this trip. If you go, you will be away from family and friends. He might very well be the only person you know on your weekend getaway. He has you all to himself now. If the destination is far away, you might not be able to leave before your scheduled departure. You might have to stay in the same room with a grumpy bear until the clock runs out on this adventure.

Additionally, spending an extended amount of time with someone will slowly reveal some of their less attractive habits. While you’re prepared for him to snore and steal the covers, he might drink excessively or be a total slob. What about the itinerary? Is he an easy-going traveler or a total control freak? We all have bad habits. But if this is your first getaway with Dr. Jekyll, please have an exit plan in case Mr. Hyde appears.

Question 2: Is There an Expectation of Sex?

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If your guy has red blood flowing through his veins, you can assume he is thinking about sex. Even if he says you’re both going to meditate, do yoga and pray, sex is very likely at the back of his mind. No matter what he tells you or how reassuring he is, your guy is praying that sex is involved. Asking you to go on a trip gives him unlimited access to you while you’re relaxed in vacation mode.

If you are not ready for this kind of intimacy, then it’s probably best to politely decline the invitation But if you are, know that once you pack your bags, he will begin creating the mood for love. You’ll be in the awkward position of having to either say yes or gently decline his invitation. While you can always say no—no matter how much time you’ve spent together—you may want to avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. 

Question 3: Do you Have an Exit Strategy?

Since the trip is his idea, he will likely make the plans. He’ll book the hotel and buy the tickets. He will also be the only one to know all the details of the itinerary. If he is Mr. Right, this will give you to opportunity for a stress-free holiday, and you can just sit back and enjoy yourself. However, if he turns out to be Mr. Wrong, you may want to end the trip early. This is when having your own way home comes in handy. Just like my mom used to say, “A girl should always have cab fare in case she wants to ditch her date.” Chances are you’ll have a great time and never need to leave early. But why not pack a credit card with that slinky cocktail dress, just in case?

Even when you’re on the trip, remember that you always have the power to say no. Feel free to change the plans to suit your comfort level. Choose a closer destination, purchase your own ticket, or even book a separate hotel room. If he really cares about you, he won’t mind one bit. 

The Pros of a Weekend Getaway

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Now that we’ve covered the negatives, it’s important to remember that surprise getaways can be wonderful. They signal that your new guy wants to see more of you. But even when all the signs point to romance, that first getaway is a little scary. It represents a shift in the relationship. Ask yourself if you really want this and whether you want it with him. If both answers are yes, then start packing. Your carriage awaits.

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