Prime Pick: Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream

Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream

You Ask, We Answer: Our Pick for the Best Summer Moisturizer that won’t break the bank.

There’s a LOT of skincare options out there. A lot of those options also sport hefty price tags. So when you asked “what is the best budget moisturizer for summer”, we were very excited to tell you about our selection. (It’s ‘stop to tell strangers on the street’ good.)

Let us introduce you to Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream!

Most of the time, there is much to warrant the luxury price. However, when a new company, comes in and disrupts the market by releasing quality, effective products, it’s an exciting day!

Priced at only $20, Honest Beauty’s Hydrogel Cream, a recent addition to the line, is worth twice its weight in moisturizing gold and really does live by it’s self-described purpose of “advanced moisture-release cream for firmer, smoother, more supple-feeling skin.”

Honest Beauty’s Hydrogel Cream is insanely lightweight. It goes on like your typical moisturizer, but quickly transforms into what feels like a nice splash of water on the face. Even the instructions emphasize massaging the product into your skin to “help burst the water”. The result left my skin plumped, hydrated, and fine lines were reduced greatly. Considering the fact that aging naturally leaves the skin less-than amazing, dryer and thinner, this burst of hydration without heavy oils is so refreshing.  This moisturizer has even made me stick to my night-time cleansing routine- as I now look forward to the refreshing sensation of application.

It also contains 2 types of hyaluronic acid, which is key in caring for the skin of women over 50.

According to the Honest Beauty website:

  • 93% of women agreed that the cream provided an instant dewy glow*
  • 90% of women saw smoother skin after 1 week of use*
  • 90% of women agreed that fine lines appeared reduced/diminished*
  • 89% of women agreed that the skin felt firmer and more supple*
  • 89% of women agreed that skin appeared more radiant after each use*
  • 85% of women agreed the cream provided a brilliant-looking complexion*

*in a clinical study of 32 female subjects after 2 weeks of use

Honest Beauty’s Hydrogel Cream is only available at a few stores:

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Honest Beauty

About Honest Beauty

The company was founded by actress Jessica Alba, who was determined to find a product that was safe-not only by FDA standards, but by the standards set by European companies. Did you know the FDA only bans 11 chemicals in skin care, whereas European standards has eliminated 1,1300 products from skin care use. There’s even American skin care products that are banned in Europe, entirely!

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