Prime Pick: Insiders Know-SK-II is the Luxury Anti-Aging Treatment

Facial Treatment Essence

You Ask; We Answer: Luxury Beauty Must-Have

The natural process of aging combined with years of (well-enjoyed) exposure to the sun’s UV rays, plus other external aggressors (pollutants), our skin is more fragile than when we were younger, and far more fickle. It produces less of the hydrating nutrients, and SK-II, an Asian beauty company,  steps in and saves the day. Its blend of vitamins, minerals, organic and amino acids will help restore a more youthful glow and firm the skin.

Prime Pick: Best Luxury Beauty Must-Have SK-II

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is the number one product to keep in your skin care routine, because the benefits of use are legendary amongst beauty editors and influencers everywhere. Originating in Japan, essences – popular in Asian beauty routines, hydrate and renew skin, which is perfect for mature skin.  SK-II’s formulation, dubbed “miracle water”, is 90% essence-a magical anti-aging ingredient they created called Pitera™.

Reviewers are crazy for this product, one saying, “Yes, I’m 65. I’ve been using this for 6 months and I can tell you, like others on this site, that this product is incredible. I’ve used countless products over the years, including facial fillers 5 years ago. The facial fillers had the quickest result, but short term and costly. I was expecting something from this product and I am hooked. The very first time I used it, my nose to chin lines were noticeably reduced and I said out loud, “that did not just happen, did it? ” But yes, it did…I have good skin to begin with but using this product has reduced lines, pores and makes the skin GLOW.”

You can purchase SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in 3 sizes, and a welcom kit. Plus, you will receive a $57 gift with your $200 purchase.
Complimentary samples and free shipping with every order! (We love samples!)

Prime Pick: Best Luxury Beauty Must-Have SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

7.8 oz – $235

5.4 oz – $185

Travel Size – $116

Welcome Kit – $116

Prime Pick Best Luxury Beauty Secret SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Check out this super fun web series that SK-II made with a few comedians! In their latest episode, James Corden goes all the way to Japan and meets the one and only Naomi Watanabe. The duo embark on an adventure to discover the legend of #PITERA aka Japan’s own “miracle water.”


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