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Career Transition

To Design Your Second Act, Flash Forward…Then Fill in the Blanks

Your life may span more years than you think. Best to be proactive, not reactive in designing - and funding - the life you want to lead. Start now to lay the groundwork for your second act. Expect the Unexpected. Be expansive in imagining the possibilities you want to pursue,… Read more


Tie One On! And Other Surprisingly Simple Ways to Stay Well This Winter

What does a scarf, a raspberry and a deep breath have in common? All are surprisingly simple ways to help you stay well this winter during cold and flu season! Start today: Wear a SCARF What do you get when you combine the wisdom of Eastern medicine with the fashion… Read more

Dating - New Love

5 Tips to Improve Your Love Life This Year

Today I threw out my favorite sweater. I said thank you for the good times and released it. It may sound dramatic, but, this sweater meant a lot to me. I bought it at a vintage clothing store shortly after I moved to Dallas in 1993. It was my favorite… Read more

Career Maker

Labor Force Shifts Diversity in Favor of Women in Their Prime

There are gradual, but significant changes happening in today’s U.S. labor force. Within the latter part of the 20th century, changes in demographics, including slowing growth, aging and increased diversity have been driving a considerable impact on what the labor force looks like. These changes are projected to impact the… Read more


It’s the Best Time of Year to Shop for Coats and Jackets

While many of us are holed up in our homes, watching gray skies, snow flurries and sleet outside our windows, there is a ray of sunshine you can cling to. Spring is coming. And with it, short sleeved clothing and sunny skies. That means retailers are already eyeing their stock… Read more

Career Maker

5 Tips for Prime Women to Improve Their Email Etiquette

Perhaps you are interested in starting a “second act” career or new business venture and would like to ensure your email etiquette is up to par. Or, maybe you have recently gone back or plan to return to the workforce and want to be certain you’re up to date on… Read more

Career Maker

New Year Reflections will Help You G.R.O.W

The beginning of a new year is a great period of time to become a bit more introspective than normal—a time for new year reflections. It's a chance to take an honest, reflective look at the past year and how you’ve performed versus how you intended to grow in the… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

5 Makeup Steps to a More Beautiful You

After the busy holiday celebrations, it’s now time for you. Consider these 5 makeup steps to a more beautiful (external) you: Focus on brows Take an extra minute Embrace healthy ingredients Feel good in your lips Keep it clean Focus on brows Whether it’s tweezing, threading, or waxing, make sure… Read more