12 Top Gifts For Expectant Grandparents

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Perhaps one of the only things more exciting than becoming a parent is finding out you are going to become a grandparent. Grandparents get to have a new little one in their lives to love and spoil, but without having to endure morning sickness, midnight feedings, or stretch marks!

If someone in your life is a soon-to-be grandparent and you are feeling stumped about how to commemorate the occasion, here are ten great gift ideas. They range from small keepsakes to big splurges to help them celebrate their upcoming promotion to grandparent status.

Top Gifts for Expectant Grandparents

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1. Personalized Ornament for Their Tree

Personalized ornament gifts for expectant grandparents

Celebrate a soon-to-be arriving new addition with Christmas décor like a personalized ornament inscribed with the baby’s due date for their tree. Best of all, this is a great way to start a new tradition, with grandparents adding an ornament to their tree each year of the baby’s life. As more grandbabies are added, they can add this thoughtful gift for each member of the whole family.

2. Mugs or Other Tableware

Grandma wine glass as gifts for expectant grandparents

Looking for a fun way to tell someone they are going to be a grandparent? How about serving them ice cream in a bowl that says. “You are going to be a grandma” at the bottom? Talk about a sweet message and a sweet surprise! Or consider purchasing a coffee mug or wine tumbler that reminds them that they will soon have a new grandchild to love.

3. Shirt to Announce the News

Grandma to be sweatshirt

Instead of making the big announcement by shouting from the rooftops (which they may want to do), allow proud grandparents to spread their happy news to friends, family, and perfect strangers by displaying their excitement across their chest on a personalized t-shirt or sweatshirt. This is a cute way for a future grandma to announce the exciting news of her first grandchild, as well as indicate their new title with the arrival of the first baby. 

4. Letter Writing Kit

Letters to my grandchild gifts for expectant grandparents

From advice to past stories, there is so much information that grandparents want to pass down to their grandkids. To help them get a head start, gift them with writing kits such as Life Notes (One of Oprah’s Best Gifts of 2021) or letters to my grandkids (Oprah’s pick in 2015). Both sets include prompts to help with writer’s block. Or, give them a journal to write down important moments of family history that they want their grandchild to remember.

5. Keepsake Book

Grandparent Keepsake Album as gifts for expectant grandparents

Parents may be too overwhelmed with midnight feedings and diaper changes to have time to write down all the meaningful details of the baby’s first year. A keepsake book allows grandparents to do it for them and help everyone remember all those precious moments in the years to come. This gift will allow future grandparents to plan ahead on making a brag book of the new baby’s accomplishments, as well as a memory book of milestones and the many firsts they’ll encounter. 

6. Digital Photo Frame

PhotoShare Friends and Family Smart Frame 8 Digital Photo Frame

A picture frame is always a welcome gift for new grandparents to display photos of their grandkids, starting with the very first sonogram. But since babies change so quickly from day to day, consider buying a grandparent-to-be digital photo frame. With a digital frame, grandparents the photos change automatically, allowing them to relive many moments of a baby’s life in one single frame on their mantel.

7. Video Chat Console

Echo Show 8

While it’s nice to talk to grandkids on the phone, it’s even better to get to see them when you speak. Video calls, made possible with a Facebook portal or Amazon Echo, are especially great for families that live far away from each other. These devices allow grandparents to stay in touch and see their grandchildren as often as they want without even when they can’t be there in person.

8. Family Cookbook

My family cookbook as gifts for expectant grandparents

How many of us pine to make our own grandmother’s chicken soup or great-aunt’s famous apple cake, but they never wrote down the recipe and you can’t remember the secret ingredient? Avoid these problems in the future by giving expectant grandparents a cookbook to write down family favorites and ensure these treasured dishes are passed down to future generations and enjoyed for years to come. This is a special way to create a ‘family tree’ filled with family recipes and the opportunity to leave a special message for the entire family. 

9. A Basket of Books or Toys

Gifts for expectant grandparents - basket of books and a bear

Consider putting together a basket of favorite children’s picture books (Goodnight Moon, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Snowy Day) along with a few rattles and soft toys so that the new grandparents are prepared for when future grandkids come to visit. Even if they don’t see them in person, grandparents can read the books to their grandchild over video chat (and hopefully foster a life-long love of reading).

10. A Voucher For Future Travel

Travel vouchers as gifts for expectant grandparents

With travel being so expensive, consider helping new grandparents with the cost of a trip to see their new grandchild.  Look into purchasing a gift card to be used toward air or train travel or for hotel accommodations.

11.  A Baby Monitor

Nursery Pal premium

Whether the baby is sleeping over for the night or just for an afternoon the visit will undoubtedly include a little sleep time. Give the soon-to-be grandparent the gift of peace of mind in knowing that the baby is safe while sleeping. Some baby monitors like the Hubble Connected Nursery Pal pictured here even have the ability to grow with the child, allowing them to access interactive videos or picture books as they get older. It can be the gift that keeps on giving! 

12. A Backpack Diaper Bag

Beau Parenting pack R1 diaper backpack

One of the perks of becoming a grandparent is the time you get to spend with just the little bundle of joy, spoiling them and getting to see their little personality come through. When you’re out and about, though, a heavy diaper bag can become tiresome and start to even hurt! A new grandparent will love the idea of a backpack diaper bag that will decrease the pressure on their backs and alleviate shoulder pain. 


Perhaps the best gift doesn’t have to cost much at all. A simple, heartfelt note written on a greeting card or just a piece of paper can be all it takes to make a grandparent-to-be feel special. Tell them how excited you are for them. If you are already a grandparent, consider giving them a little expert advice that you have learned through experience. Most importantly, let them know how lucky their grandchild will be to have them in them as their grandparent.

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