Solve your “What’s for Dinner” Woes?

Solve your “What’s for Dinner” Woes

Rotisserie chicken recipes for easy meals

When asked for an easy idea for busy women who still need to eat and don’t want to eat out, Paula Lambert, cheese expert, cookbook author, and chef, didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I think the easiest idea is to buy a rotisserie is at your local grocery store. Of course, there are certain restaurants that have “superior” rotisserie chickens, and you could buy one of those instead.”

From that one chicken, you can create many meal choices. I usually begin by just having a drumstick or wing for lunch or dinner with a little salad. But don’t throw away the bones. Refrigerate and save the bones and skin to use for making chicken stock when the bird is consumed.

You can slice the breast for chicken sandwiches. You can cut the breast and thighs into pieces to make chicken salad by adding chopped celery, chopped hard-boiled eggs, and mayonnaise. You can make chicken quesadillas by using shredded or chopped meat and placing it between two tortillas with a few roasted peppers and some cheese. You can make chicken tetrazzini by tossing chopped chicken with cooked pasta, dressing the pasta with olives and red peppers, then drizzling with olive oil or a little cream. You can use the meat that is left on the bones when you boil the whole chicken carcass with a few vegetables like celery and onion to make homemade chicken soup, to which you can add rice or pasta.

I think you’ve got the idea by now, Just buy a rotisserie chicken and start experimenting with the things in all those jars that are stored in your refrigerator. You’ll be surprised how easy and delicious your creations will be.”

Who knew you could do so much with a single rotisserie chicken? For more great ideas, recipes, and fabulous cheese, visit www.mozzco.com.

Recipes Using a Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken Tortilla Soup chicken-tortilla-soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup is comforting, delicious, and so easy to make at home! Full of freshly cooked or rotisserie chicken, black beans, sweet corn, and healthy veggies and served with all of your favorite toppings, it’s the perfect weeknight dinner and one of my very favorite soups to make!

Classic Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Classic Homemade Chicken Pot Pie is the ultimate comfort food! Start with a rotisserie chicken for easy prep (or roast your own); add savory roasted vegetables and our easy homemade chicken stock, then top it all off with a tender, flaky herbed pie crust. Perfection!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps 

A good lunch is filling, flavorful, and easy to make. And this Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap checks all of the boxes. Enjoy a healthy and refreshing lunch that’s economical and simple to make using leftover chicken. 

Lemon Basil Chicken Salad Lemon-Basil-Chicken-Salad

This Lemon Basil Chicken Salad recipe is perfect for lunch! It’s made with rotisserie chicken and tossed in a homemade zesty herb dressing. 

Chicken Empanadas

Empanadas De Pollo, or Chicken Empanadas, are savory hand pies filled with Mexican seasoned chicken, cream cheese, and corn that make great appetizers or a delicious weeknight dinner!

BBQ Chicken Tostadas

You’ll love these crispy, crunchy tostada shells layered with shredded rotisserie chicken and covered in a zesty barbecue sauce, followed by an array of diced toppings like creamy avocado, fresh and juicy tomato, chopped cilantro, and sour cream.

Baked Chicken Chimichangas Baked-Chicken-Chimichangas

Need a quick weeknight meal that’s delicious and healthy? These Baked Chicken Chimichangas are easy to make with rotisserie chicken, and they’re healthier than the typically fried Tex-Mex dish. Plus, they make a great freezer meal!

BBQ Chicken Pasta BBQ-Chicken-Pasta

This BBQ Chicken Pasta can be made in no time and combines all the yummy flavors you get from all your favorite bbq chicken dishes! Using rotisserie chicken makes it so much faster and a comfort food dish that the family will love! 

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