Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

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Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

HIIT Workout for Women

What Are the Best HIIT Workouts for Women Over 50?

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, has been a buzzword in the fitness world for almost a decade. Studies confirm that simply by adding bursts ... Read More
avoid menopause weight gain

Don’t Let the Downside of Menopause “Weigh” on You

Do you think that weight gain during menopause and after is just a fact of life? Rethink! A study about menopause weight gain reveals that most midlif... Read More
Fitness Technology

5 Fitness Technology Devices That Make Exercise Fun

Gone are the days when all you needed was a leotard and leg warmers to get a great workout. From app-enabled shoes to water bottles that track your li... Read More
Wellness Wear

Fit at Fifty: How Wellness Wear Can Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Fit at fifty! What a beautiful thing. And at sixty. And at seventy, too. These days, we all know that fitness matters. A healthy lifestyle affects our... Read More
Strength Training

6 Ways Strength Training Reverses Aging and Beats Cardio

Strength Training Reverses Aging? I'll Take Two Dumbbells, Please! Strength training is a girl’s best friend for so many reasons. Half-a-dozen rese... Read More
Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for Weight Loss, Fitness and Wellness

Fifty is the new thirty and walking is the new running. Everyone seems to be lacing up their trendy athletic shoes and slipping into their coordinated... Read More
Elliptical Workout

Best Exercise For Women Over 50: The Elliptical

Sponsored Post Staying fit and active is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself after 50. Ever heard the expression “If you don’t use i... Read More
Fitness App

Fitness at Your Fingertips

Why Technology May be Your Ally in Improving Health & Fitness After Fifty The following post is sponsored by flip50... Read More

Keep Moving: 21 Tips for Staying Active After 50

Staying on top of your health at any age is critical, but after your 50's, you need to take extra care so that you can have the ability to enjoy the e... Read More
staying youthful

Staying Youthful is Easy if You Take Care of These 5 Things

Can we retain in the second half of life the good things we enjoyed in the first half? The answer is mainly, yes. Even though we are never going to be... Read More
4 Minute Workout

4 Minute Workout…AKA Nitric Oxide Dump

You’re making your list, checking it twice, but leaving out what will keep you merry and bright, your workout! With holiday activities and travel s... Read More

Losing Weight During the Holidays – It Can Be Done

While every other article this month is addressing how to avoid weight gain during the holidays, let's talk about LOSING weight during the holidays. ... Read More
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