Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, integrated movement routines, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

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Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, integrated movement routines, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

Women doing cobra pose for belly fat burning

Burning Belly Fat Through the Power of Yoga

I will begin with one simple fact, but I know that one of two things will happen. Either you’ll be disappointed with the truth, or I will gain credi... Read More
Yoga for shoulder blade pain feature

3 Yoga Poses to Relieve Shoulder Blade Pain

The most common cause of pain between the shoulder blades is muscle strain. The good news is that because the most common cause of shoulder blade pain... Read More
blood flow restriction training

Trick Your Body Into Better Results with Blood Flow Restriction Training

Heavy strength training takes the lead when it comes to bone density and boosting metabolism. However, you may have circumstances so that lifting heav... Read More
butt exercises

6 Best Butt Exercises to Boost Your Rear View

Your best butt not only looks good in those jeans, but it also keeps you from injury. Strong "glutes" make a difference in every move you make during ... Read More
Happy fit woman cheering and celebrating

How to Stop Making Excuses and Get Fit

There’s an expression that says, “If you want to do something badly enough, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” This rings es... Read More
4 Minute Workout nitric oxide dump

4 Minute Workout…AKA Nitric Oxide Dump

Who has time for a great workout? You do! All you’ll need is 4 minutes for this effective and easy workout. As the American Heart Association con... Read More
sprint interval training

Exercise That Offsets the Effects of Menopause: Sprint Interval Training

Have you heard of sprint interval training? For postmenopausal women who are gaining fat, losing muscle, and are prone to injuries, sprint interval tr... Read More
5 healthy habits

5 Healthy Habits to Start Today

In fitness and in life, I encourage people to take baby steps. I have learned that making small changes at a time can really lead to a more significan... Read More
Best bicep stretches feature

3 Best Bicep Stretches for Increased Flexibility

You may not be concerned about working or stretching your biceps muscles for the typical athletic “trophy” of fitness and virility, but a consiste... Read More
Fitness Motivation

13 Simple Tips to Make Fitness a Priority

Everyone knows fitness and health are important. But even for people who are religious about working out, there are days it is hard to make yourself d... Read More
Spine straightening exercises

Spine Straightening Exercises

I spent most of my life completely disregarding my posture. That is, until one day I saw myself on camera crossing a stage. As a musician, I often per... Read More
Best equipment for forearm exercises

Best Equipment For Forearm Exercises

The first thing to address is: why are forearm exercises important. Typically, we think of the large muscle groups first when planning a workout. Thes... Read More