Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, integrated movement routines, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

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Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, integrated movement routines, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

how to target back fat with exercise

Targeting Back Fat with Exercise

Wouldn't it be great if there was a magic exercise that could target back fat? This sounds too good to be true, and indeed it is! But targeting back f... Read More
Learn how to get rid of a flat butt aka pancake butt

Say Goodbye To Pancake Butt

Did you know that your backside can make you look older than you are or that having a flat bottom can age you? We lose an average of 5% of muscle mass... Read More
chair yoga

How to do Chair Yoga and the 6 Best Poses

If you think you're too old or inflexible for yoga, think again! You actually don’t have to touch your toes or get down on the floor and turn into a... Read More
Jumping rope vs. running

Jump Roping vs. Running: Which Is Better?

Do you enjoy running as a form of exercise? How about jump roping? We all too often disregard or never even consider jump roping because It’s common... Read More
The Benefits of Banded Squats

The Benefits Of Banded Squats

There are several excellent reasons that banded squats should be an essential part of your workout routine but probably the best, logical (although no... Read More
Woman getting fit and doing home training in the living room - best home gym equipment for women over 50

The Best Home Gym Equipment For Women Over 50

There’s nothing like a pandemic to make us pivot and find new ways to go about our daily lives. A large segment of the population has been working f... Read More
morning workout

Morning Exercise Tips: Dos and Don’ts That Might Surprise You

Morning exercise is often suggested as the best time to avoid obstacles that crop up later in the day. If you jump out of bed to get your exercise don... Read More
how to increase your walking speed

How To Steadily Increase Your Walking Speed

We all know that exercise is important. Did you know that a simple walk around the neighborhood provides so many health benefits? Strong bones, less a... Read More
the best exercise bikes

The BEST Exercise Bikes To Buy This Year

As the temperatures are starting to drop, it's no surprise that more and more women are looking at the best exercise bikes for their home gyms. And it... Read More
mental benefits of running

What Running ACTUALLY Does To Our Brains

Whether you're a seasoned runner or not, you've probably heard of "runner's high". These experiences are usually attributed to a burst of endorphi... Read More
signs of a good workout

10 Signs Of A Good Workout That DON’T Involve Weight Loss

  Why do some workouts leave us feeling better or worse than when we started? It turns out that there are some signs of a good workout t... Read More
Learn how to do reverse kegels and teh benefits you will get doing them.

You Need Reverse Kegels In Your Life—Here’s Why

We've all heard the gospel of Kegel exercises for years. If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor, prevent or lessen incontinence, and increase sex... Read More