Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

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Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

4 Minute Workout

4 Minute Workout…AKA Nitric Oxide Dump

Who has time for a great workout? You do. When all you’ll need is 4 minutes for this effective and easy workout. As the American Heart Associatio... Read More
HIIT Workout for Women

What Are the Best HIIT Workouts for Women Over 50?

Integrating High-Intesity Interval Training High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, has been a buzzword in the fitness world for almost a decade. ... Read More
interval training

Why You Need to Change Your Exercise and Diet Plan after 50

Maybe you’ve always been able to keep your energy up—and your weight down—with minimal effort. But don’t be surprised if that luck runs dry af... Read More
Staying active over 50 may include playing your favorite sport.

Move it or lose it: Staying Active Over 50

The saying “move it or lose it” has been around forever...in general and in our lifetimes. I've thought of it as a joke. For example: When you are... Read More
Resistance Training Feature

5 Resistance Training Exercises for Women Over 50

The idea of using your body weight to get stronger is exciting, but it’s not exactly new. People of all ages have been doing push-ups since the earl... Read More
10 minute workout

A 10 Minute Workout Routine You Can Do At Home

Finding time for your workout routine can be a challenge any time of year. This 10 minute workout routine fits into even your busiest days. I’m goin... Read More
stretching and massage are important for maintaining fascia health as you age.

Is Fascia Massage the Secret to Mobility as you Age?

Your body's fascia is a thin, very dense sheet of collagen fibers that are meshed together to create a protective covering that envelopes all of the m... Read More
Inflight exercises can make landing easier.

Inflight Moves and Tips for a Healthy Landing

Be it globetrotting, wander-lust, exotic vacays or family celebrations — travel beckons. And, since time and convenience are paramount, there’s mo... Read More
Good posture can make you look and feel younger


She glides into the room and her effortless ‘float’ is a magnet for your attention. As you admire her fluid gait, she appears elongated, even lift... Read More
Featured Destinations

Five Active Vacations for Prime Women

Vacation to actively transition into retirement Boredom is a common fear of women approaching retirement along with a nagging feeling that they won't... Read More

Stretch! 5 Yoga Poses to Ease Back Pain

When your back hurts, there's nothing like some good stretches to release tightness and gently nudge your spine back into alignment. While you'll bene... Read More
CBD for pain in joints and muscles

Will CBD help the pain in your joints and muscles?

Sponsored Post The sudden onslaught of twinges, tweaks, aches and things that suddenly go *ping* can seriously make us question that whole “age i... Read More
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