Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

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Stay in your Prime with strength training, low impact aerobic exercise, Pilates, or yoga with direction from our fitness editors.

barre fitness

Why I Finally Bellyed Up to the Barre

Balance. Strength. Flexibility. The ‘big 3’. Research now shows they are even more important as we age.  This is evidenced in, regardless of you... Read More

How to Get Started With a Fitness Routine after 50

“If there was a magic pill to stay youthful, it would be exercise!” says Julie Diamond, Los Angeles-based fitness trainer, and owner of Julie Diam... Read More
Gym Equipment How To

A Beginner’s Guide to Gym Equipment

Going to a health club can be an overwhelming experience if you’re new to the gym scene. You may not only be more conscious about what you’re wear... Read More
Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial Arts Training At Any Age: 5 Long Lasting Benefits

At age 49, I began martial arts training. This was my first experience with this kind of physical training. Here is what I learned. What Are Martial ... Read More
Jillian Michaels fitness trainer

Women Who Inspire: Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels

At 44 years old, Jillian Michaels says she is the best shape of her life. She disagrees that it's all downhill after 40 when it comes to staying fit. ... Read More
how to get started with exercise at 45

How to Get Started With Exercise at 45

Even if at age 45 you’ve never laid eyes on a kettlebell, trainer Julie Diamond swears it's not too late to start exercising. “The key is to start... Read More
fitness trainers over 45 collage

Fitness Trainers Over 40 With Kickass Instagrams

Ever wonder how some people can find the motivation to get up at 5 a.m. and hit the gym while you can’t even keep both eyes open until after two cup... Read More
exercises for better posture

Better Posture in 5 Simple Exercises

Better posture can not only make you look like you lost 5 pounds, it is important for so many reasons. Posture expert, Dr. Krista Burns, founder of th... Read More

6 Best Butt Exercises to Boost Your Rear View

Your best butt not only looks good in those jeans, it keeps you from injury. Strong "glutes" make a difference in every move you make during your work... Read More
Fitness Motivation

13 Simple Tips to Make Fitness a Priority

Everyone knows fitness and health are important. But even for people who are religious about working out, there are days it is hard to make yourself d... Read More

Plank For Core: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

It may look like an easy exercise, but the plank can be a beast. That beast is touted as one of the most basic — and most effective — core exercis... Read More

How to Stop Making Excuses and Get Fit

There’s an expression that says, “If you want to do something badly enough, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” This rings es... Read More

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