3 Simple Exercises To Lift Sagging Breasts

These three exercises can work as a non-surgical method of giving you lifted, firmer breasts. Find out why!
3 Ways to Lift Sagging Breast - Woman doing a pushup or a plank

Women often shy away from training their chest because they think their breasts will shrink, but that’s the opposite of what can happen.

Chest workouts for women can work as a non-surgical method of pumping up the boobies because what you’re doing is pushing the breast tissue up and forward by training the muscles of the chest wall that are behind the breast tissue.

If you think about it, adding muscle to the chest helps elevate the breasts. Whether you’ve got a small or larger chest, a breast uplift is always in order.

Not only will working the chest muscles give you a plumper and more elevated look to your breasts, but it is important to also understand why working the chest muscles can be so beneficial to women. All women have a large, fan-shaped muscle on either side of their chest, directly beneath the breast tissue, and we then have a smaller muscle located in the upper part of the chest.

Collectively these are known as pectoral muscles, and they cover your whole chest area. Training the pecs is just as important for women as for men.

Aside from lifting saggy breasts, here are some additional benefits of chest workouts for women:

  • Improve your posture.
  • Deep, quality breathing that comes from opening up your chest
  • Improve daily activities because the pecs play a major role in a wide variety of daily activities.
  • You’ll also work other essential muscle groups simultaneously.

While there are many chest exercises to help lift sagging breasts, I’m going to focus on three that will do the job perfectly AND can be done from anywhere because they mainly utilize body weight for resistance.

The others can be done by combining body weight and a set of dumbbells.

Here Are 3 Easy Exercises To Lift Sagging Breasts:

1. Pushup

3 Ways to Lift Sagging Breast - Woman doing a pushup or a plank

The pushup is an exercise you can (and should) do every day, no matter your fitness goals. The pushup is one of the best whole-body bodyweight exercises you can do. For the purposes of lifting sagging breasts, the pushup also targets those pectoral (pec) muscles in a very deliberate way.

If a standard pushup (from your toes) is too challenging, you can always modify the movement by dropping to your knees instead. This will decrease the amount of resistance needed for both holding your weight up as you decline and pushing your weight back up.

If you’re a beginner, starting from your knees will also allow you to do more repetitions, challenging the pec muscles even more. As you become stronger, make it your goal to modify the pushup back to your toes to make the movement as challenging as possible.

How to do a pushup:

  • Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Straighten your arms and legs.
  • Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor.
  • Pause, then push yourself back up.
  • Repeat.

2. Dumbbell Chest Press

3 Ways to Lift Sagging Breast - Woman doing a dumbbell chest press

The chest press targets your pectorals muscles along with some other important muscles in the upper parts of your arms. This will build muscle tissue and strength.

As I mentioned earlier, not only will the chest press help build the muscle under the breast tissue providing lifting and firmness, but it’s one of the best exercises to help with daily activities such as pushing shopping carts and heavy doors.

These are common tasks that typically become more challenging as we age. Often older women lean over on shopping carts or have trouble pushing heavy doors or other objects.

Strengthening these chest and arm muscles will not only lift sagging breasts but, when done consistently, will help to improve quality of life throughout the years.

How to do a dumbbell chest press:

  • Lie flat on your back, or on a bench, with your feet flat on the ground.
  • With a dumbbell in each hand, extend your arms directly over your shoulders, palms facing toward your feet.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together and slowly bend your elbows, lowering the weights out to the side, parallel with your shoulders, until your elbows form 90-degree angles.
  • Slowly drive the dumbbells back up to the starting position, squeezing your shoulder blades the entire time.
  •  Repeat.

3. Dumbbell Flye

3 Ways to Lift Sagging Breast - Woman doing a dumbbell fly

The dumbbell chest flye is an upper body exercise that can help strengthen the chest and shoulders. As it works the muscles under the breast tissue, it will also help lift sagging breasts.

The flye hits your chest from a different angle than the dumbbell press, making it a great exercise in addition to the press.

The dumbbell flye targets the inner chest muscles. Also, your weights won’t need to be as heavy as you focus on the form and the squeeze that happens with every repetition.

This helps build a well-shaped chest that will most certainly lift and firm the breasts. The dumbbell flye will also target your shoulders, back, and arms muscles.

How to do a dumbbell flye:

  • Lie faceup on the floor or flat bench with your feet flat on the floor
  • Hold a pair of dumbbells above your shoulders with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Keeping the slight bend in your elbows, lower the weights until your elbows are even with your chest.
  • Keep the same bend in your elbows as you press the weights back up.
  • Repeat.

Consistency Guarantees Results

There are many effective chest exercises that can be done easily at home or at the gym with heavy weights and resistance machines.

However, I believe that often it helps to narrow your focus by starting with a shorter list and then working to stay consistent. Make a goal to start with these three chest exercises and do them every single day for eight weeks. As you become stronger, work on modifying your pushup to be more difficult and perform more repetitions.

As the dumbbell press and flyes become easier, use heavier weights and do more repetitions in a set and more sets overall. If you haven’t seen results in the past, it is most likely due to inconsistency or that you haven’t been challenging yourself to do more than you think you can do. It’s a mindset of consistency, rather than intensity, that will get you results every time.

A healthy diet is also a great way to get rid of some of the fatty tissue surrounding your armpit area or in your upper arms (while assisting with sagging breasts).

Incorporating changes that affect body weight, making some lifestyle changes, and starting a good exercise routine are all steps you can take to alleviate some of the common causes of sagging breasts.

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Starting with these three exercises each day will start you on your journey to firmer, perkier breasts and a healthier, stronger YOU overall.

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