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Gifts for her
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Gift Guide: Gifts Every Woman Will Love

Gift-giving season is upon us! How's your shopping list looking? Whether you're shopping for the kids in your life, your wine and foodie friends, or j... Read More
the best holiday wines
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Gift Guide: The Best Wines & Foodie-Inspired Gifts

The hectic holidays are upon us, complete with the extra stress of party going and gifting, not to mention entertaining at home. Leave the wine and fo... Read More
Best subscription boxes - package on front porch, mail
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Gift Guide: The Best Subscription Boxes To Give This Year

Unwrapping one single gift for the holidays is great and all, but you can't beat gifts that your loved one continues to receive throughout the year! W... Read More
Animals with gifts - gifts for pets and pet lovers
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Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Pets & Pet Lovers

Is your pet a beloved member of the family, or do you feel so close to it that you treat it almost like a child? Pets fill different roles for women a... Read More
30 Years anniversary
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10 Fabulous 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are a time for celebration because each year that passes is a reminder of the life that a couple has built together. While each annivers... Read More
Retirement gifts
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29 Retirement Gifts

Much of our life is spent either planning for, working in, or reflecting on our careers. From a young age, we dream of what we'll be when we grow up. ... Read More
70th birthday gift guide
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70th Birthday Gifts

Milestone birthdays only come along so often, so they should be treated with as much fanfare and celebration as you can summon. It all starts at 10 wh... Read More
best magazines women over 50

10 Best Magazines for Women Over 50

Sponsored post.  True confession — I'm a magazine lover. There's nothing better than flipping open glossy pages to find my new favorite outf... Read More
Gift ideas sure to please that special woman in your life.
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34 Wonderful 60th Birthday Gifts for Women

What do you get for someone that has everything? More importantly, what do you get for someone that is your everything, especially on a day as special... Read More
Dating Over 50 Affiliation
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The Best 40th Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating 40 years of marriage is an accomplishment for any married couple. You both have gone through many life experiences together and that notio... Read More
stress-free long distance gifts
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Gift Guide: Stress-Free Long Distance Gifts

When my husband and I were first married, we did a lot of Christmas gifting. His children lived in Seattle. His family lived in California and Arizona... Read More
gifts for teens
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Gift Guide: Gifts for Teenagers (That They’ll Actually Love!)

Do you have a teen in your life? If so you know how hard they can be to buy gifts for. Trends for teens seem to change every day. By the time you thin... Read More