Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

digital marketing trends for 2017

2016 was filled with advancements in digital marketing. Live video streaming and augmented reality changed the way consumers interact. Brands began engaging with social media influencers to boost awareness and customer satisfaction. Blogging became one of the most efficient ways to remain consistently relevant and drive website traffic. As we enter 2017, several trends are appearing that build off the foundation set by updates made in 2016 with social media, content marketing, and campaign reporting. Here’s what you can expect in the way of digital marketing trends for 2017.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

1. Enhanced Analytic Reporting is a Requirement

Analytics have become the norm for digital advertising and social media campaigns. Marketers are required to report their successes in the form of impressions, clicks, and conversions; but what about dollar amounts and overall customer retention? Business executives know that analytic software is becoming increasingly complex and powerful. In 2017, campaign reviews will expand to include return on investment, revenue directly from marketing efforts, and customer satisfaction.

2. Personalized Content is Key

As we continue to learn more about our audiences, we can tailor campaign content to speak directly to their wants and needs. For example, graphics on websites can rotate offers based on past user engagement with pages, forms, and videos. E-commerce and media websites make recommendations for subscribers so they do not have to search for new commodities. In order to rise above the saturated digital world, your content needs to speak to your audience in a highly-personalized manner.

3. Video is Driving Engagement

One of the most wide spread digital marketing trends is video content. It is everywhere, from stories on Snapchat to vlogs on YouTube. More than ever, users prefer to watch information, as opposed to reading and hearing about it. Several platforms continue to unveil new ways video will evolve in 2017. Instagram will roll out live streaming over the next few months, 360⁰ videos are becoming more mainstream, and Facebook Live is being integrated into a variety of marketing campaigns.

4. Paid Social Media Advertising is Essential

The Facebook community learned this year that they no longer see content from their entire friend list. Rather, algorithms tailor content based on what the user has interacted with in the past. Brands must transcend these updates by utilizing paid social media. The positive statistics in 2016 will lead to further growth in 2017: 75% of brands advertise on Facebook, Twitter advertising has seen 90% year-over-year growth, and LinkedIn ads grew by 30% in the past year. This is one trend businesses cannot afford to ignore.

5. Mobile Optimization is a Necessity

As 2017 begins, 4 out of 5 Americans regularly use a smartphone. In fact, marketing analysts foresee 1 out of 4 consumers utilizing wearable technology next year. Mobile responsiveness was once an ideal for which websites and advertisements strove. Now, it is an expected asset of any brand, company, or organization. Optimize your digital strategy early in the year, and be prepared for a set of updated best practices as advertisers continue adapting to mobile technology developments.

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