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What Celebrities Can Teach Women Over 50

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Our generation has redefined the role of women in our society. We’ve had careers and achieved new heights our mothers never dreamed of doing. We’ve pushed the boundaries, broke the rules and changed what was traditional. Our teen and adult lives did not mirror our mothers and neither should we look like they did at our age.

So if you are still hanging on to old stereotypes of what is considered “appropriate” attire, hairstyles, or how much skin to show for a woman in her 50s, 60s, and 70s, it’s time to let it go. While our generation may have coined the phrase “if it feels good, do it” (not always great advice, as we’ve learned the hard way); we should adopt the “if it looks good on you, wear it” motto.

While there are some celebrities whose style we couldn’t or shouldn’t adopt (think Madonna), there are lots of 50+ beautiful women in the public eye who can provide inspiration for us on fashion, makeup, and hair.

Elizabeth Hurley, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Diane Lane are all still sporting long, luxurious hair and body hugging clothes as they enter their 50s.

Elizabeth Hurley Personal Appearance At Selfridges, The Trafford CentreSarah Jessica ParkerLane

Vanessa Williams looks great in what would be considered a “youthful” styled dress and while Heather Locklear could be wearing her daughter’s clothes in this pic, she still looks great in them herself.

Vanessa WilliamsHeather Locklear

Jane Seymour, Christy Brinkley and Kim Basinger are in their 60’s, wearing long hair, figure flattering clothes and looking fantastic on the red carpet.

Jane Seymour  Christie BrinkleyKim Basinger

If you’ve watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix, you know how fabulous Jane Fonda dresses in every episode though she is now 77 years old. Her hair is shorter and cut to frame her face (see Transitioning from Longer to Shorter Hair Like Jane Fonda) but Jane doesn’t look “old.”

Jane FondaJudy Dench

And while there certainly comes a time when many women can’t maintain a slim physique, Judy Dench proves you can still look elegant and beautiful at any age with any body type.

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