Many people believe that what you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Luxury originated from the Latin word Luxuria. Heritage and brand identity are both major features of luxury brands, and many of the top 100 luxury brands have been around for over 100 years.

While most of us purchase items of convenience – you need a shirt or a handbag, so you head to the mall – you aren’t guaranteed quality or longevity with that purchase. We often find ourselves returning to purchase a replacement faster than expected, and we begin the cycle of purchasing lower-quality items because they’re easy and, well, cheap. When it comes to luxury brands, it’s not about getting the most expensive thing; it’s often about getting something that will last you for years to come and potentially even increase in value versus decreasing.

To look at items that are luxurious, lasting, and occasionally head-scratching (some designers think way outside the box), here are our top 100 luxury brands. We’ve separated them into categories and presented them in no particular order.

Top 100 Luxury Brands


When it comes to clothing, luxury brands cover a wide range of styles and needs. You’ll find business wear or items for a more casual outing. You can also find clothing for any season and virtually any style preference – opening the world of luxury fashion up to anyone that’s interested.

Top 100 Clothes copy

  1. Alexander McQueen – Alexander Mcqueen is a British designer. If you like a sharply tailored jacket, this is a great brand.
  2. Armani – This Italian brand does everything from fashion to beauty products.
  3. Asos – Topshop is sold on the high streets of London and the luxury department stores in the US.
  4. Balmain – This French brand came around post-war in the 1940s and has continued to be a success due to its excellent quality.
  5. Burberry – This British brand is known for its heritage and iconic plaid print especially lining the interior of its trench coat.
  6. Calvin Klein – CK is an American designer with a range of clothes, jewelry, and watches.
  7. Chanel – This French house has a rich history that has only been perfected throughout history.
  8. Chinti and Parker – This London-based brand is known for their chunky knits.
  9. Chloé – From couture to ready-to-wear, this French brand has it all.
  10. Christopher Kane – Another cutting-edge English brand. Christopher Kane has a wide assortment of products to choose from.
  11. Comme De Garcons – This Japanese brand in France is known for its heavy denim and boyish looks.
  12. Desigual – This Spanish brand is known for its vibrant colors and patterns.
  13. Diesel – This Italian company is known for its denim.
  14. Dior – This French designer created The New Look in the 1950s and continues to turn heads with their designs.
  15. DKNY – Donna Karen New York is a designer who overcame many struggles to make this fashion house the company it is today.
  16. Dolce & Gabbana – This Italian house often has edgy fashion and advertisements.
  17. Elie Saab – This Lebanese designer started as a wedding gown designer and has expanded its couture house since then.
  18. Emilio Pucci – This Italian designer is known for sleek clothes and tapered trousers.
  19. ESCADA – This Italian fashion house has been tailored to attract strong-headed women.
  20. Givenchy – Part of the LVMH Group, this fashion house has dressed women like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.
  21. Gucci – This is one of the oldest Italian fashion houses there is. Originally started as a luggage company, this company has expanded its products from luggage all the way to couture.
  22. Helmut Lang – Specializing in avant-garde, this designer came from Austria and was first showcased in France.
  23. Hugo Boss – This German designer started in menswear but has since expanded to other products.
  24. Isabel Marant – This French designer originally started with children’s clothes, but is now one of my favorite womenswear designers.
  25. Jaeger – This English company is owned by Marks & Spencer and is known for its high-quality natural fibers.
  26. Jil Sander – This brand is known for its neutral colors, rigorous cuts, and clean lines.
  27. Kenzo – This is a Japanese designer based in France and owned by the LVMH Group.
  28. Lacoste – If you plan on spending any time at the country club this summer, you are sure to see Lacoste on the golf lawn and tennis courts.
  29. Lanvin – This is the third oldest French fashion house in Paris.
  30. Loewe – Another one of the oldest fashion houses around, Loewe is owned by the LVMH Group and is known for its excellent leather.
  31. Luisaviaroma – This is a retailer in the luxury market. Its headquarters and stores are in Florence, Italy.
  32. Marc Jacobs – This designer is based in New York and has multiple price point labels.
  33. Margaret Howell – Margaret Howell is a contemporary British designer who has been around for 50 years.
  34. Marni – This is an Italian company known for its whimsical designs.
  35. Max Mara – This is an Italian designer known for its ready-to-wear items.
  36. Missoni – This Italian company is known for its knits.
  37. Miu Miu – This is Prada’s sister line and is known for its youthful looks.
  38. Moncler – If you plan on going on a ski trip anytime soon, you will want to add one of these puffer jackets to your wardrobe.
  39. Nina Ricci – Nina Ricci is an Italian designer that is French-owned. It originally started as a gown designer but has since expanded its haute couture line.
  40. Oscar de la Renta – Oscar was originally from the Dominican Republic and has dressed key women such as Jackie Kennedy.
  41. Patagonia – If you need some flannel or really anything for the outdoors, this is the brand for you.
  42. Perfect Moments – This French outdoor brand is known for its sporty silhouette and bold colors.
  43. Pinko – This Italian designer is another brand that likes to focus on strong women and the clothes that suit them.
  44. Prada – This Italian company is known for its luxury goods.
  45. Ralph Lauren – This is one of the most iconic American brands.
  46. Roberto Cavalli – If you love some edgy fashion, this is a great brand for you. Make sure to check out their snake watches.
  47. Salvatore – This Italian brand originated with shoes but now has some of the most beautiful clothes.
  48. Sisley – This is an Italian company that is classy and trendy.
  49. Stella McCartney – This British designer is known for advocating animal rights and using faux leather.
  50. Ted Baker – This British brand is all about a lifestyle. The designers made up the character Ted Baker who is their target audience.
  51. Temperley London – This is a British designer who Vogue said is making the biggest waves in British Fashion. 
  52. The Kooples – This is another British brand known for its sleek tailoring and makes the perfect tailored blazer.
  53. The North Face – If you need a fleece pullover, this is the brand for you.
  54. Tom Ford – Tom Ford is an American designer who is known for their edgy fashion and advertisements.
  55. Tory Burch – This American designer makes fabulous clothes that pair perfectly with their ballet flats.
  56. Valentino – This is one of my favorite designers. If you want a little rock and roll in your look, I suggest their rock stud bags and heels.
  57. Versace – This Italian designer sells everything from haute couture to perfume.
  58. Wolford – Wolford is a textile manufacturer of tights, bodysuits, and underwear.


I admit it – I’m a total handbag nut. I love them in every size, shape, color, or style. Like many women, I have my favorite brands, but I always love to see what other designers have come up with for the new season trends. Even if you aren’t a person who swaps out their bag for every occasion, you should still consider investing in a quality handbag you love. And when you make that move, you might as well make it a luxury bag.

Top 100 Handbags copy
  1. Balenciaga – This French brand is known for its edgy looks and hardware on its handbags.
  2. Bottega Veneta – The woven handbag is a must in all closets.
  3. Celine – Celine makes a bag that most women will covet. It is tailored and classy.
  4. Coach – Known for their fantastic leather, Coach makes a handbag you can use for multiple seasons.
  5. Fendi – The famous ‘F’s that everyone will recognize.
  6. Furla – This is an Italian brand known for its excellent leather craftsmanship.
  7. Goyard – This French brand originally crafted suitcases but has since expanded its accessories.
  8. Hermes – Besides the coveted Birkin bag, Hermes makes excellent handbags with excellent leather craftsmanship.
  9. Kate Spade – If you want a fun, whimsical handbag, this is the brand for you.
  10. Michael Kors – Michael Kors bags couldn’t be kept on the shelf a few years ago because they’re at a great price point for their quality.
  11. Saint Laurent – This is my favorite handbag brand and has been on my bucket list for years. The flap bag is the perfect addition to class up any outfit.
  12. Longchamp – This brand is known for its craftsmanship leather.
  13. Louis Vuitton – This is one of the most recognizable handbags with its iconic LVs.

 Jewelry, Watches, & Sunglasses

Reading that heading made me think of the Wizard of Oz, and I found myself finishing the phrase: Jewelry, Watches, & Sunglasses Oh My! And when you peruse the list of luxury items in this category, you’ll find yourself saying the same thing! Whether you’re looking for some new eyewear or a flashy new timepiece, this is the category filled with all of the flashy and shiny objects you can imagine.

Top 100 Jewelry copy
  1. Bulgari – This is one of the oldest Italian fashion houses.
  2. Cartier – A leader in jewelry, I would love nothing more than a Cartier ring on my left hand.
  3. Chopard – This is a Swiss manufacturer and retailer of luxury watches and jewelry.
  4. Fossil – This is a Dallas-based company that makes awesome accessories.
  5. Harry Winston – Known for their excellent diamonds.
  6. Oakley – Oakleys are often the sunglasses that people consider a go-to.
  7. Omega – This Swiss brand has sold watches to everyone all over the world.
  8. Pandora – What girl doesn’t have an iconic Pandora bracelet? If you don’t, I highly suggest them.
  9. Patek Philippe– This company has been owned by the Stern family in Switzerland and remains the last family-owned independent watch manufacturer.
  10. Ray-Ban – I love love love my Ray-Bans because they will dress up or dress down any outfit.
  11. Rolex – Talk about a brand that has a cult following, and this brand can be found on many wrists throughout the world.
  12. Safilo Group – This is the oldest player in the Italian eyewear industry.
  13. Swarovski – This crystal company makes everything from jewelry to wine glasses.
  14. Tag Heuer – This brand’s heritage is one of the most important of all the Swiss watch brands.
  15. Tiffany & Co. – There are so many iconic jewelry pieces that are Tiffany’s from the wedding rings to the heart-shaped necklaces.


Look, while many of us are content to wear comfortable and functional undies each day (because it makes sense), we need to be prepared for the opportunity to add a little steam to our relationships. Lingerie from luxury brands does just that – it takes sexy and sophisticated to the next level!

  1. Agent Provocateur – This British brand is my favorite lingerie. It is very saucy and sexy.
  2. Eres – For the past 45 years, Eres has maintained a balance of form and fashion, always eschewing the flashy aspects of luxury.
  3. Journelle – Journelle is an emerging leader in the luxury lingerie business, bringing a fresh approach to the category through fashion-forward merchandise selection
  4. La Perla –  This Italian brand has the nickname “golden scissors” for exacting cutting, and tailoring.


After years of buying functional shoes, I finally treated myself to a flashy pair from a luxury brand. I won’t tell you which one, but they have red bottoms, and I look fantastic when I wear them. They’ve become my new go-to shoes for special occasions, and when I put them on, I feel supremely confident and find myself having more fun because of it.

Top 100 Shoes copy
  1. Christian Louboutin – The iconic red soles that everyone knows and covets.
  2. Jimmy Choo – Jimmy Choo is a leading global luxury brand with an empowered sense of glamour and a playfully daring spirit.
  3. Stuart Weitzman – This is a high-end international shoe brand.
  4. Nicholas Kirkwood – Nicholas Kirkwood is amongst his generation’s globally acknowledged leading shoe designers.
  5. Manolo Blahnik – This brand became known by everyone, with Carrie Bradshaw wearing them in Sex In The City.
  6. Moschino – Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion house specializing in leather accessories, shoes, luggage, and fragrances.

Workout Gear

Luxury workout gear? What? Well, yes. When you’re breaking a sweat, this is the best time to wear something that you feel comfortable in while looking good too. Luxury brands have taken workout gear and elevated it to the next level, helping you look great and get healthy while you do it.

Top 100 Work Out Clothes copy
  1. Lululemon – Lululemon is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company.
  2. Intermix – This brand is colorful with fun prints and glamourous silhouettes.
  3. Outdoor Voices – This is an American clothing company focused on designing and selling athletic apparel.
  4. Sweaty Betty – Sweaty Betty’s mission is to empower women through fitness and beyond by creating beautiful, technical activewear.
  5. Alo Yoga – Alo Yoga has ultra-soft fabrics & studio essentials that fit your body.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut – wearing the same boring thing from the same stores day in and day out it’s time to elevate your look a bit. Luxury brands can make that happen. They add a little sparkle to your day and boost your mood. So go ahead, click on one (or more) of the links above, and lose yourself in the lap of luxury.

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