Beautiful Work Dresses: Because Office Apparel Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

The term ‘work dresses’ might make you think of padded shoulders and business-like buttons. It might evoke memories of high heels in your purse while you commute in a pair of comfortable sneakers. Well, if so, you’re living in the past. Because when it comes to office fashion, the preferences and styles run the gamut, and what you wear to work doesn’t have to be boring or uncomfortable. Slacks? Sure. A-line skirt? Definitely. Heck, many offices even allow jeans these days or city shorts, if they’re appropriate (and with the summer heat, we definitely need the option!). 

But having a collection of go-to, flattering, stylish dresses that not only look good but are office appropriate makes getting ready for work fun. We compiled a list of some of our favorites, and as you peruse it, you’ll see there’s something in pretty much every category. While lengths stay just above the knee or lower, the fabrics, styles, fits, and flares cover all the bases. Find a couple that will take you from work to a patio in a seamless transition. 

36 Work Dresses for Mature Women

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Cloth & Stone Flutter-Sleeve Midi Dress
Cloth & Stone Flutter-Sleeve Midi Dress, $170
Elegant Criss-Cross V Neck Vintage Dress
Elegant Criss-Cross V Neck Vintage Dress, $32.99
Stretch Cotton Shirtdress
Stretch Cotton Shirtdress, $128
Vintage Line Office Dress
Vintage Line Office Dress, $14.36
Organic Cotton Hemp Melange Tank Dress
Organic Cotton Hemp Melange Tank Dress, $178
Mod Floral Shift Dress
Mod Floral Shift Dress, $139
Front Zipper Slim Work Dress
Front Zipper Slim Work Dress, $37.99
Livviaa Cotton Jersey Body-Con Dress
Livviaa Cotton Jersey Body-Con Dress, $150
Vintage Ruffle Flared A Line Swing Dress
Vintage Ruffle Flared A-Line Swing Dress, $32.99
Althea Jersey Shirtdress
Althea Jersey Shirtdress, $73.50
Lightweight Organic Cotton Terry Dress
Lightweight Organic Cotton Terry Dress, $168
Business Pencil Dress
Business Pencil Dress, $39.99
Cap Sleeve Wrap Shirdress
Cap Sleeve Wrap Shirtdress, $99
Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress
Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress, $31.96
Organic Pima Cotton Stretch Jersey Tank Dress
Organic Pima Cotton Stretch Jersey Tank Dress, $149
Summer Boho Polka Dot Dress
Summer Boho Polka Dot Dress, $32.99
Daily Practice by Anthropologie Dolman-Sleeved Maxi Dress
Daily Practice by Anthropologie Dolman-Sleeved Maxi Dress, $98
Long Sleeve Crepe Coatdress
Long Sleeve Crepe Coatdress, $179
Three-Quarter Sleeve Shift Dress
Three-Quarter Sleeve Shift Dress, $330
Freshwater Medallion Shift Dress
Freshwater Medallion Shift Dress, $89.50
Work Office Shirt Dress
Work Office Shirt Dress, $40.99
Stretch Jersey Knit Tie-Front Dress
Stretch Jersey Knit Tie-Front Dress, $178
Long Sleeve Midi Shirtdress
Long Sleeve Midi Shirtdress, $129
The Somerset Maxi Dress
The Somerset Maxi Dress, $170
Dashed Line Stretch Dress
Dashed Line Stretch Dress, $99
Embroidered Linen Shift Dress
Embroidered Linen Shift Dress, $139
V-Neck Knot Front Midi Dress
V-Neck Knot Front Midi Dress, $170
Cross Cozy Crush Dress
Cross Cozy Crush Dress, $79.99
Mockneck Shift Dress
Mockneck Shift Dress, $89.50
Stripe Long Sleeve Cotton Shirtdress
Stripe Long Sleeve Cotton Shirtdress, $198
Current Air Midi Dress
Current Air Midi Dress, $118
Alameda Stripe Dress
Alameda Stripe Dress, $89.50
Ruffled Cover-Up Midi Dress
Ruffled Cover-Up Midi Dress, $109
Floral Jersey Shift Dress
Floral Jersey Shift Dress, $129
Daily Practice by Anthropologie Dolman-Sleeved Maxi Dress
Daily Practice by Anthropologie Dolman-Sleeved Maxi Dress, $98
Tiny Meadallions Jersey Sheath Dress
Tiny Meadallions Jersey Sheath Dress, $129

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