It’s time to #ShopTheLook! Today we are bringing you a selection of scarves for women that celebrate one of my favorite seasons: Spring! You can wear whimsical colors to help spruce up any outfit in your closet. 

Scarves aren’t meant just to be worn around your neck. You can wear these scarves in your hair with a ponytail, as an added accessory to your favorite handbag, or the small options can even be worn as bracelets! 

Going to the beach, but don’t want to bring a swim cover? Use a larger scarf! You can tie it around your waist as a fashionable sarong.

Here are our favorite choices that scream Spring.

Chan Luu Floral BandanaChan Luu Floral Bandana

Chan Luu Floral Bandana, $35
This bandana has a watercolor floral print that adds a whimsical touch to your look – no matter how you style it.

Bouquet Beauty BandanaBouquet Beauty Bandana

Bouquet Beauty Bandana, $28
This gorgeous bandana is the perfect size to add a variety of styles to your outfit. Wear it in your hair, around your neck, or as an accent to your favorite handbag. 

Lotus Paisley Print BandanaLotus Paisley Print Bandana

Lotus Paisley Print Bandana, $28

This bandana has a bold print with a classic design. It’ll add a dash of color to your daily style selections.

Silk Blend ScarfSilk Blend Scarf

Silk Blend Scarf, $63

These gorgeous silk scarves are available in a variety of styles. The soft colors and lightweight fabric are perfect for a spring outing. 

Aqua Floral Silk Blend ScarfAqua Floral Silk Blend Scarf

Aqua Floral Silk Blend Scarf, $63

Another beautiful silk option, this soft floral design is sure to flatter any style. 

Yolanda Yellow Scarf, $59Yolanda Yellow Scarf, $59

Yolanda Yellow Scarf, $59

The bright color on this scarf is sure to add a dash of color to any outfit.

Floral Silk Square Scarf

Floral Silk Square Scarf, $69.30

The vibrant colors on this delicate scarf make it the perfect option for a lunch date with friends or an evening out. 

Prowling Ocelot Silk Neckerchief

Prowling Ocelot Silk Neckerchief, $44

The wild design on this scarf makes it eye-catching and a sure conversation starter. 

Rose & Logo Silk Twill ScarfRose & Logo Silk Twill Scarf

Rose & Logo Silk Twill Scarf, $420

This scarf is 100% Mulberry silk, and its refined floral design is sure to add a touch of class to any style selection.

Floral Garden Oblong ScarfFloral Garden Oblong Scarf,

Floral Garden Oblong Scarf, $59.50

This scarf’s oblong shape makes it not only beautiful but versatile as well. 

Gathering Butterfly Oblong ScarfGathering Butterfly Oblong Scarf

Gathering Butterfly Oblong Scarf, $59.50

This lovely butterfly print is lightweight, versatile, and chic.

Watercolor Vases Square Scarf

Watercolor Vases Square Scarf, $59.50

The pleasant color scheme on this scarf makes it a lovely addition to any outfit.

Singing Birds NeckerchiefSinging Birds Neckerchief

Singing Birds Neckerchief, $39.50

This square cotton scarf is delightfully embellished with singing birds in a fashion that works well with a variety of styles.

Red Confetti Silk Field Neckerchief,Red Confetti Silk Field Neckerchief

Red Confetti Silk Field Neckerchief, $78

This floral patterned scarf has a delicate scalloped edging to add a bit of texture and chic style to your outfit.

Ditsy Floral Diamond Silk ScarfDitsy Floral Diamond Silk Scarf

Ditsy Floral Diamond Silk Scarf, $42

This lightweight scarf can give your outfits a splash of color, and the diamond-cut allows you to tie it neatly around your neck.

Full Bloom Square ScarfFull Bloom Square Scarf

Full Bloom Square Scarf, $98

This beautiful scarf gives an airy feel and is framed with eyelash fringe.


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