Loving It! Prime Picks for PRiME Women: Stylish Accessories and Gadgets

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We love sharing products with our readers. Everything in Loving It! is something we have used ourselves and highly recommend. This month we share great deals on eyewear you can try in the comfort of your own home, a light for your handbag, and a security case wallet to protect your credit cards from high tech thieves.

your handbag eyeglassesWarbyparker.comSince dry eyes prevent me from wearing contacts, I compensate by making glasses a fashion accessory. I have about a dozen pairs and am always looking for more. When friends compliment my spectacles, and I tell them that I got them online from Warby Parker, I’m astonished at how few of them have heard of it. At first, WP was just online, but now they are opening stores in larger cities everywhere.

My favorite way to purchase this brand’s fashion forward frames fitted with your ophthalmologist’s prescription at about a third to half the price of those in optical boutiques is through WP’s at home try on service. Just go to their website and pick out five frames to give a real hard look at in the privacy of your home. The box with your selections will arrive in just a few days. Once you’ve made your selection, you take a photo of your eyeglass prescription with your smartphone and follow the simple directions for ordering you’ll find at www.warbyparker.com. Then, just wait for your new look in eyewear to arrive in your mailbox. Now, what I really want to find is a pair of big red glasses!

your handbag lightSOI Handbag LightI have the nicest friends on the planet. Recently my dear, sweet buddy, Suzanne, and her husband went out to dinner with us, and she surprised me with something we all need, a light for our purses! How many times have you been reduced to dumping the entire contents of your handbag out to find something that you know is in there but can’t find by feeling around? A solution is at hand! Even if you put everything in your bag in an individual case, carrier or some type of organizer, an important item like your phone always makes its way to the very bottom and hides out behind your make-up kit. Just click here to buy and you are on your way to less stress in your daily life. Click .

Ogon RFID Small Ribbed Wallet – Have you had your identity stolen or at least had someone lift the information about one of your credit cards and had the thief hit the stores charging it up to his heart’s content? We have several times due to a magnetized scanner that had been surreptitiously placed under one of the shelves in our neighborhood grocery store in NYC by some high-tech bandits. Every month for almost six months, one card that was stopped and reissued over and over again was used for illegal purchases, usually in amounts from $5k to $6k. It is a huge pain to notify the credit card company, cancel the old one and wait for the new card to arrive while informing every other merchant and service provider where you have used the card that it has been canceled, yet again. Crafty modern day robbers steal your identification by scanning your credit cards embedded with Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID). RFID wallets and bags that have a shield that blocks the RF signal protect you from this kind of theft. Once we discovered them, our problem stopped.

The Ogon RFID Aluminum Small Ribbed Wallet comes in bright colors, which make them easy to find in your purse, and they are very light weight. Click here to purchase this nifty item. Typically, they cost between $25 to $40. This type of wallet, billfold, or purse provides a lot of peace of mind for not very much money.

Happy shopping!

Dianne Patterson – A Prime Woman