Lightweight Jackets For The “Middle” Season Between Summer And Fall

Lightweight Jackets For The "Middle" Season Of Summer And Fall

This unpredictable “in-between” season can certainly make it difficult to get dressed in the morning. Between surprise cold fronts one day and record-high temperatures the next, what are we supposed to wear?! Thankfully, investing in quality lightweight jackets can prevent us from being stuck in a sweater or too chilly in a tank top. Shop our picks for the best lightweight jackets to wear during this awkward “middle” season of summer and fall!

1. Lula Embroidered Blazer, $178

Lula Embroidered Blazer, $178

Florals are always in season. Each of these jackets is woven by hand for a uniquely fun look. And the open front guarantees you won’t be too bundled up.

2. Madewell Linen Dorset Blazer, $119.50

Madewell Linen Dorset Blazer, $119.50

When it doubt, reach for something linen. This warm-weather style is breathable enough to style in the summer months but will still keep you covered.

3. Saffron Longline Jacket, $180

Saffron Longline Jacket, $180

For a warming layer that doesn’t feel too wintery, reach for this sunshine-inspired jacket. You’ll be able to wear this for spring, summer, and fall.

4. Mags Utility Trucker Jacket, $138

Mags Utility Trucker Jacket, $138

This extra-soft jacket is made to feel like a well-worn wardrobe staple. It’s also a great transitional color for cooler weather.

5. lululemon In Depth Jacket, $108

lululemon In Depth Jacket, $108

Whether you’re venturing out after a workout or you’d just like something extra light for your walk, you need a classic lightweight jacket! This boxy, well-ventilated jacket works in both situations.

6. Westley Sueded Jacket, $118

Westley Sueded Jacket, $118

With a draped silhouette and a soft suede finish, this earthy layer can easily be worn into the colder fall months.

7. The North Face Venture 2 Jacket, $99

The North Face Venture 2 Jacket, $99

Unpredictable temperatures will almost always bring some unwanted weather. In other words, if you’re out and about, stay prepped for rain! This weatherproof and eco-friendly rain jacket will quickly become a must-have in your pack.

8. Jenni Kayne O’Keeffe Denim Button-Up Shirt, $225

Jenni Kayne O’Keeffe Denim Button-Up Shirt, $225

If you’re shopping for versatile lightweight jackets, you can’t go wrong with a denim shirt. Firstly, it’s thin enough for the end of summer. Secondly, it looks great with virtually everything in your wardrobe.

9. Club Monaco Soft Trench Coat, $279

Club Monaco Soft Trench Coat, $279

Need lightweight jackets for a professional setting? This soft trench coat is a great option to carry you into autumn at the office. In other words, just pair it with some trousers and a patterned blouse for a polished look.

10. lululemon With The Breeze Jacket, $128

lululemon With The Breeze Jacket, $128

Get ready to stand out in this vibrant style! This jacket features a stretchy mesh fabric to keep things extra breezy. And bonus: it’ll make all of your athleisure outfits pop.

Now that we’ve covered lightweight jackets, let’s venture into what we’re wearing on our feet! Here are our favorite comfortable sneakers for fall


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