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Lark & Berry – Making The World More Beautiful

Lark and Berry Jewelry Regina King on Red Carpet

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At Prime Women Media, our overarching mission is to support and empower women. We also love beautiful jewelry, especially diamonds! Introducing our PW audience to Lark & Berry founder, Laura Chavez, allows us the opportunity to embrace both of our passions.

Laura, a smart cookie who graduated from Rice University and earned an MBA at London School of Business, also loves diamond jewelry which led her to take a course on jewelry history and the industry. During her studies, Laura learned about the cultured growing technology, which surprisingly, produces a better, higher quality diamond than generally available in the jewelry market. However, the best part is they are environmentally responsible. Just think Sierra Leone and blood diamonds to visualize how important a contribution Laura is making with Lark & Berry.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab-grown diamond technology is quite fascinating. Scientists use state of the art machinery to forge rough diamonds from carbon – the same way diamonds are formed naturally underground. The difference is the process allows for a much cleaner and purer cultured diamond. (Watch the short video at the end of this article for an overview of the process.)

Not only are cultured diamonds more environmentally responsible, but on average, the diamond quality is even better than mined diamonds. Cultured diamonds are real diamonds in every way. Lark & Berry’s cultured diamonds are of the Type IIa status, the industry’s most coveted for fine jewelry. Only 2% of mined diamonds reach this benchmark. Even the most seasoned gemologists in the industry can’t tell a cultured diamond from a mined diamond because, essentially, there is none. Both diamonds are produced from carbon, one is just cleaner and much faster than the other one.

Sought after by celebrities

Laura has already created quite a stir with her beautiful jewelry designs, making fashion history with the first cultured diamonds ever worn at the most recent Met Gala. The 2019 Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner, Regina King and up-and-coming star of X-Men: Apocalypse, Lana Condor, walked the red carpet wearing Lark & Berry diamonds. Jane Krakowski, wore all Lark and Berry jewelry, including her long diamond earrings on the night of the Tony’s.

More affordable than mined diamonds

If Lark & Berry’s diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, do they cost the same, you might ask? Thankfully, no. “Because they are man-made,” Laura says, “it allows us to create jewels that are as elegant as Chopard, but at a price people can afford. These are core values at Lark & Berry.” Prices range from $200 for the demi-fine 14K gold collections and $3,000 to $100,000 for fine jewelry and wedding collections in 18K gold and platinum.

Lark & Berry’s flagship brick-and-mortar store is located in London at 52a George Street in Marylebone. They are set to launch in Scandinavia in a few months, and the brand is in talks to open pop-up concepts in Los Angeles and New York City. Fortunately, the Lark & Berry online store ships worldwide at www.larkandberry.com.

We’ve chosen just a few of our favorite pieces to feature below.


The Lark and Berry Trinity Diamond Mini-Stud Earrings
The Lark and Berry Dune Diamond Pendant
Lark and Berry Dune Diamond Pendant

Dune Diamond pendant retails for $1,000.

The Lark and Berry Wave Diamond Bracelet 
Lark and Berry Wave Diamond Bracelet

Wave Diamond Bracelet retails for $15,295 and is available for pre-order.


WATCH: How lab-grown diamonds are made.


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