How to Choose the Best Shorts for Older Legs

There's no reason for a Prime Woman to shy away from shorts! We're walking you through finding the best shorts for older legs.
best shorts for older legs

Winter has finally made its exit, and spring has made its debut. However, with the 80-plus-degree days that some of us are experiencing, it already feels a lot like summer! So, what’s on your mind for your spring/summer wardrobe? How about shorts? Do you know how to choose the best shorts for older legs?

Selecting the perfect pair of shorts involves balancing comfort, style, and functionality. With a plethora of options available in today’s fashion market, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure a flattering and comfortable fit.

Finding the Perfect Fit

First and foremost, older women often prioritize comfort without sacrificing style. Hence, opting for shorts crafted from breathable, lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, or blends can provide the desired comfort level, especially during warmer seasons. These materials allow for better airflow, preventing discomfort caused by overheating.

Length is another crucial aspect to consider. Many older women prefer shorts with a modest length, typically falling just above the knee or at mid-thigh. This length offers coverage while still maintaining a chic and age-appropriate look. Bermuda shorts, for example, are a popular choice among older women due to their longer inseam, providing both style and coverage.

When it comes to style, versatile designs are key. Classic cuts and neutral colors like navy, khaki, or black are timeless choices that can easily be paired with various tops, from casual tees to elegant blouses. Additionally, opting for shorts with stretch or elastic waistbands can ensure a comfortable and flexible fit, accommodating fluctuations in body size and enhancing overall comfort.

Another important consideration is the fit of the shorts. High-rise or mid-rise styles can provide ample coverage and support, particularly around the waist and hips, enhancing comfort and confidence. Additionally, choosing styles with a relaxed or straight-leg silhouette can offer a flattering and forgiving fit, allowing for ease of movement without feeling constricted.

For added flair, consider details such as subtle patterns, embroidery, or decorative elements like buttons or ties. These embellishments can elevate the look of the shorts while still maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic.

The Best Shorts for Older Legs

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are a hot seller for women over 50 for many reasons. They come in many different styles, fabrics, and patterns. These shorts hit right above the knee and gently embrace your thighs. Another great feature is that they can cover up cellulite or, let’s just say, aged imperfections! The polyester-cotton blends are nice because they stretch and enable your skin to breathe.

Bermuda shorts can be classy when paired with the right blouse, shirt, or tank top. Try a cotton button-down shirt worn open with a cami underneath and a color pair of Bermudas. This look is not too overboard and is classy enough to wear to a nice casual gathering. Whether you have long legs, short legs, fat legs, skinny legs, or older legs, anyone can sport this style and look fantastic. These shorts would be a great choice to add to your collection.

Pros: They come in black or beige and include regular (0-20) and petite (00-10) sizes.

Pros: Available in 5 colors and sizes 14W to 22W, these shorts feature soft, stretchy fabric in a smoothing and slimming design.

Pros: Available in 5 colors or patterns and sizes 2-18

Pros: Available in 5 colors/denim washes and sizes 4-18.

Pros: Available in 7 colors and sizes 00-16.

Pros: Available in 7 colors/patterns and sizes 2-18.

Paperbag Shorts

This season, we’re trending on paperbag shorts. With a tall, elastic waistband and a loose-flowing fit, they’re comfortable and fashionable at the same time. You’ll find that they come in a wide variety of solids and prints and are great for dressing up or down. They are popular for camping events, traveling, golfing, or just out and about around town. They allow you to be all that you can be and stride with ease. The best part about them is that they are so comfortable!

Pros: Available in sizes XS-XL, loose fitting with a coordinating belt.

Pros: Available in regular or petite with sizes ranging from 0-14.

Pros: Available in black or rose smoke (light pink) colors with sizes 00-18.

Pros: Comes in sizes XXS-XXL with a high rise, relaxed leg, and a self-tie belt.

Pros: Available in 3 colors and sizes 0-18.

Pleated Shorts

As long as shorts have been available, there have been options with pleats. While they tend to go in and out of style, we’re seeing many of them out and about this season. We found some great options that are long enough not to allow your cheeks to peek but short enough to still elongate your legs. Add a lightweight cotton blazer and a cute pair of sandals, and you’ll have a very flattering and fashionable outfit. This can be a showstopper, even for legs with imperfections!

Pros: Available in 3 colors and sizes 0-12.

Pros: Available in 3 colors and both petite and regular sizes ranging from 00-18.

Pros: Available in 3 colors and sizes 6-16.

Pros: Available in sizes XS-4X, with an adjustable elasticized waistband.

Pros: Available in 4 colors with sizes S-XXL.

Linen Shorts

Linen. It’s cool, crisp, and almost the perfect fabric for spring and summer clothing. With its light feel and easy movement, we love it in virtually any clothing item, from slacks to blazers. Linen shorts are no exception. This spring and summer, you can don a pair in almost any color and match them with a tank, blouse, or even a long-sleeve denim top for cool evenings. From formal to informal events, linen shorts will fit the bill.

Pros: Available in regular and petite in sizes 00-18.

Pros: Available in sizes XS-XL and includes a raffia buckle to pair with the lightweight linen.

Pros: Available in 5 colors and sizes XXS-3XL.

Pros: Lined shorts are available in misses, petite, and plus sizes ranging from 2 to 24.

Pros: Lightweight linen shorts available in sizes 2-16.


The best shorts for mature women prioritize comfort, versatility, and style. By selecting designs crafted from breathable fabrics, featuring modest lengths, and incorporating thoughtful details, older women can find shorts that look good and feel great, allowing them to embrace their personal style with confidence and ease.

Ladies, regardless of the style of shorts you choose, what’s imperative is how they make you feel when you wear them. The choice is yours!

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