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Fashion Over 50: It’s a Fine Line

Fashion Over 50

For me, it wasn’t life-changing hitting the big 5-0. Although I did have one fear – what does fashion over 50 look like in terms of stylish, youthful clothing? Gone are the days of searching through racks at Forever 21 and Rue 21. Once in a while, I still browse around American Eagle, as my 15-year old son blindly picks out a few jeans and shirts. It’s tough to decide where I fall in the realms of now-50, casual women’s wear.

It’s a Fine Line For Fashion Over 50 

When I look at what is out there for “older” woman, I can’t help but feel like my 85-year old Aunt Jean as I look at catalogues full of stretchy pants and seer sucker blazers. Yet, when shopping with my 20 something nieces, dare I venture along into Buckle, where distressed jeans abound? How do we, as women over 50 know where to draw the line?

Stylish, 50-something Clothing That Is Comfortable is Ideal and Attainable

My take on this? We still need to wear what is comfortable and quite frankly, sometimes what is not comfortable. Being 50 doesn’t mean that I am going to give up my slightly pinching high heels, even though I know some women who make this their 50 plus mantra. Of course, I am steering clear of anything that posts “PINK” across my hiney.

While I still venture into the ripped knee jeans look, I pass on the excessive bling and hair extensions. I also pass on the now popular, very comfortable tights with everything look. Women of all ages seem to love patterned tights and a good tunic. My fear is if I get too comfortable, will I fall into that “too forgiving” comfort zone and stop my daily (or every other day) workouts?  I am finding that women can certainly be stylish and trendy at 50, yet not look like one of the Gilmore Girls while doing so. Or the Golden Girls for that matter. As a teacher, I do lean towards the practical.

Be You

I say if your heart is set on heels and skinny jeans, and you feel comfortable rocking that – go for it. If you’re more of a cape wearing cover (up) girl, then strut your stuff. It’s all about accepting the ongoing style that you finally feel the right to make your own. Of course, women at any age should adapt to style trends that say love me for who I am.

At 50, I don’t really care if I am loved for my fashion choices, but I do want to feel confident – whether that confidence shows in a product from Forever 21 or Forever 51, is your choice to make. For me, my easy go-to-wardrobe item is a simple dress. You can dress it up or down, and depending on the style-wear it over jeans, leggings or trousers for a more bohemian look.

Here’s a few items that are chic, but comfortable for the woman over (or nearing) 50: 

Lafayette 148 New York Augustina Belted Stretch-Cotton Shirtdress

Lafayette 148 New York Augustina Belted Stretch-Cotton Shirtdress, $498

Equipment Allaire Silk Dress

Equipment Allaire Silk Dress, $395

Sea Pia Midi Dress

Sea Pia Midi Dress, $365

Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Shift Dress

Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Shift Dress, $228

Yumi Kim Meet And Greet Dress

Yumi Kim Meet And Greet Dress. $218

Eileen Fisher Stretch Organic Cotton Tee Dress

Eileen Fisher Stretch Organic Cotton Tee Dress, $178

Polo Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Polo Dress

Polo Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Polo Dress, $148

Anthropologie Bellamy Striped Shirtdress

Anthropologie Bellamy Striped Shirtdress, $140

Asos Design Midi Wiggle Dress In Linen With Buckle Belt

Asos Design Midi Wiggle Dress In Linen With Buckle Belt, $64

Toad&Co Rosalinda Dress

Toad&Co Rosalinda Dress, $60

Asos Design Collar Detail Midi Dress In Mono Leopard Print

Asos Design Collar Detail Midi Dress In Mono Leopard Print, $60

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