Consignment Craze: Where to Shop Online

Forget everything you ever heard about consignment shopping. What was once déclassé is now chic! There’s a whole new group of online retailers that are combining designer fashion and accessories with really affordable prices.

You’ll want to stick with the higher end consignment retailers, though, or you’re likely to not be satisfied with your purchase. Also, beware of fakes, whether shopping online or in a physical store.

Online consignment...

Below are five consignment recommendations to get you started on your way to fabulous finds.



An online consignment store without the middle man. Shoppers can access Poshmark through their app or website. Because the middle man has been eliminated, they offer the option to exchange to sellers which occasionally lowers an item’s price. There isn’t a brand requirement, but fakes and replicas are not permitted. To protect shoppers from scams, purchasers are protected via Posh Protect. Should a different item arrive than described, or if it never arrives, the purchaser will receive a refund.



Co-founded by sisters, Elise Whang and Emily Dang, Snobswap was created from their tradition of sharing closets. When they were challenged with living in different parts of the country the idea of a virtual closet commenced. Shoppers can share their wardrobes online and swap pre-owned designer items with women for different areas. If you prefer to solely buy, there are many sellers with that option. Similar to Ebay, SnobSwap also allows shoppers who desire an item to offer instant bids to sellers that might not be the list price, but it gives you the opportunity to score a better deal.

The RealReal

The RealReal:

A combination flash sale site and online consignment store with high-end designer clothing, shoes and accessories. Brands such as Gucci, Oscar de la Renta and Jimmy Choo can be found at incredibly discounted prices. You have to be quick at times because sales last 72 hours and popular items can sell out within minutes of sales being posted. Plus, the option to return an item is a big plus.


Twice is an online consignment store for women with brands ranging from Gap to Diane von Furstenberg, listed at a fraction of the original retail price. They purchases lightly used items from sellers up front, and list the items for sale later. All items must be less than five years old and there is a very specific list of brands that are and are not accepted for consignment on the site. This is great for when you are shopping for a specific designer.

Shop Hers
Shop Hers:

Created by former model Jaclyn Shanfield and her team of experts, Shop Hers allows shoppers to connect with sellers who share similar taste. Is your style boho, minimal or classic? And what size are you? With their unique feature, called Style Soul Mates, the site allows you to create a profile of all your measurements – totally confidential – so that each item you’re considering can be checked against your sizing. This helps eliminate the question of “Will this fit?”



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