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Bohemian Clothes For The Older Woman

Every once in a while, we need to experience a bit of a style renaissance. One of our favorite looks right now – especially as we head into fall – is the bohemian style. While it’s typically associated with younger women going to music festivals, the style is actually much more versatile and generation-spanning than that. What makes this look so great is that it’s so easy to wear. It’s relaxed and comfortable, yet fashionable and fun. Flowing fabrics and vibrant colors are often also associated with a boho style, which opens the look to a myriad of fashion combinations and fun outfit options.

No matter your budget, we have an assortment of choices that will let out the free spirit inside of you. 


Flowing, flirty, and fun! These dresses pair well with a wide range of accessories and allow you to look great while going about your day in comfort. 


With a loose fit and wide sleeves, boho-style blouses are full of life. Pair them with your favorite jeans and accessories to get just the right look. 


Pants & Skirts

Long, loose, and flowing. It’s the definition of the boho skirt, and it’s a look that we love. Pair it with your favorite shoes, and have fun with a neutral color or kick it up a notch with a vibrant fabric. 


Perfect just in time for chilly fall evenings, pair your favorite outfit with a stylish boho-inspired cardigan or Pancho. 


Shoes & Accessories

Elevate your look by mixing and matching stylish bohemian accessories – from an oversized tote to a pair of fun clogs. 

As the seasons start to change and we gear up for cool evenings and shorter days, you should consider elevating your look by mixing in some bohemian style pieces. Have some fun with the flowing fabrics and vibrant colors, and enjoy the comfort that the overall look will bring you.

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