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Affordable Reading Glasses You’ll Wear Proudly

Hitting a milestone age and finding yourself needing reading glasses to read smaller print generally go hand-in-hand. And what a punch it can pack to our self-esteem! Whether you’ve needed vision correction for years or are entering into this new territory, over-the-counter reading glasses—also lovingly called “cheaters” or “readers”—are not what they used to be. 

If you associate readers with your mother or grandmother, you certainly won’t after you take a look at the styles on Readers.com®

With more than 500+ styles in powers +1.00 to +7.00, you will never want to buy generic styles from the drugstore again! The best part? They have hundreds of styles for less than $20! 

Bold frames? Fun prints? A touch of sparkle? You’ll find all this and more, plus more lens types than you ever knew existed in readers! 

The Right Reader Lens Type for You

For those of us who are on the computer all day, Readers.com® offers blue light reading glasses to help block a percentage of blue light that is emitted from our digital screens. And with all the working from home and extra screen time to stay in touch with loved ones, these are a no-brainer to help you see clearly and help protect your eyes!

If you want to avoid the annoying dance of taking your readers off and putting them back on every time you need to read something, bifocal style lenses may be right for you! These readers have an unmagnified lens with a smaller bifocal portion with the power you select at the bottom of the lens. This may be my favorite lens type.

Some people only want to wear their reading glasses while they’re reading, and that’s where the fully magnified lenses come in to play. This is your standard reader lens that has the reading power you choose in the entire lens. 

And if you find yourself blessed to be somewhere sunny this winter, you will definitely want to check out their reading sunglasses. They’re sunglasses and readers in one! Now you have no excuse to put your sunglasses over your reading glasses ever again! 

Find Your New Favorite Pair of Readers

Finding a pair that makes you feel good and that looks good (and matches your outfit) will completely change your attitude towards readers. It may even take away the apprehension you feel in pulling out your readers at a restaurant to read the menu or your phone. Now, you’ll want to whip those readers out at every chance you have! 

Not sure what your reading power is, or do you think it has recently changed? Take a look at this handy post to help you determine your reading power and then you can filter by reading power on the site for an easy shopping experience! 

Here are a few best-selling women’s reader styles:

The Merlot BifocalThe Merlot Bifocal

Round glasses are in! This style is available in a grey or orange tortoise color and again has bifocal style lenses that have the bifocal segment in the lower part of the unmagnified lens. The Merlot Bifocal is available in powers +1.00 to +3.50.

The Beatrix The Merlot Bifocal

This chunky cat eye frame will be the envy of all of your friends! Available in black or four eye-catching colors, this retro frame has metal temple tips as an added accent. The fully magnified lenses are available in powers +1.00 to +3.00.

The Lorelai Bifocal The Lorelai Bifocal

Floral frames…what more could a gal want? How about bifocal style lenses that allow you to keep your readers on for longer periods of time? The Lorelai Bifocal has both and is available in powers +1.00 to +3.00.

The Brick Blue Light Reader the Brick Blue Light Reader

This browline frame will give you serious, studious vibes while helping avoid eye strain! The blue light lenses are fully magnified with the power of your choice between +1.00 and +3.00.

These styles just scratch the surface of what Readers.com® has to offer! If you’re anything like us, you like to have a pair of readers in every room (and within reach) so you can grab your readers quickly. At these low prices (and their awesome sales) it’s easier than ever to stock up. And because you’re not paying hundreds of dollars for a single pair like you might at the eye doctor, when you happen to misplace a pair, it hurts less.

If you’re in the market for new reading glasses that are both stylish and affordable, this is your place. No more settling for readers off the drugstore rack that don’t fit your face or your style! One word of caution: when you wear your Readers.com® reading glasses, people will ask you where you got them!

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Affordable Reading Glasses

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