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Affordable Reading Glasses You’ll Wear Proudly

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Hitting a milestone age and finding yourself needing reading glasses to read smaller print generally go hand-in-hand. And what a punch it can pack to our self-esteem! Whether you’ve required vision correction for years or are entering into this new territory, over-the-counter reading glasses—also lovingly called “cheaters” or “readers”—are not what they used to be. 

If you associate readers with older women, you certainly won’t after you look at the styles on Readers.com®

With more than 500+ styles in powers +1.00 to +7.00, you will never want to buy generic styles from the drugstore again! The best part? They have hundreds of styles for less than $20! 

Bold frame styles? Fun prints? A touch of sparkle? You’ll find all this and more, plus more lens types than you ever knew existed in readers… because glasses aren’t just about fixing a vision problem, they’re an opportunity to show off our particular styles and enhance our best features. 

The Right Reader Lens Type for You

When selecting a pair of frames, it’s certainly not one-size-fits-all. Your personal style will play a key role in picking out the perfect choice for you. Do you prefer transparent frames that won’t stand out or a pair of oversize frames that will make a statement? Of course, there are classic cat-eye glasses that will give you a more youthful look or a pair of delicate frames that will enhance your features. 

If you want to avoid the annoying dance of taking your readers off and putting them back on every time you need to read something, bifocal style lenses may be right for you! These readers have an unmagnified lens with a smaller bifocal portion with the power you select at the bottom of the lens. This may be my favorite lens type.

Some people only want to wear their reading glasses while they’re reading, and that’s where the fully magnified lenses come into play. This is your standard reader lens that has the reading power you choose in the entire lens. 

And if you find yourself blessed to be somewhere sunny this winter, you will definitely want to check out their reading sunglasses. They’re sunglasses and readers in one! Now you have no excuse to put your sunglasses over your reading glasses ever again! 

Find Your New Favorite Pair of Reading Glasses

Finding a pair that makes you feel good and that looks good (and matches your outfit) will completely change your attitude towards readers. It may even take away your apprehension in pulling out your readers to read the menu or your phone at a restaurant. Now, you’ll want to whip those readers out at every chance you get! 

Not sure what your reading power is, or do you think it has recently changed? Take a look at this handy post to help you determine your reading power, and then you can filter by reading power on the site for an easy shopping experience! 

Here are a few best-selling women’s reader styles.

Readers.com® has partnered with Foster Grant to create a new line of stylish glasses that are specially designed to better fit your face while showcasing your style. Styles for Y.O.U.™ frames feature flatter fronts for high cheekbones, extended temples for deeper faces, adjustable or deeper nose pads, and some styles with expanded temples for those who like a wider, roomier fit. Here are our favorites from the collection:

The Bayview

Readers.com The Bayview Reading Glasses

Bayview reading glasses offer a cool, modernized take on a classic style. The frame also has a Low Bridge Fit design, translating into a more comfortable and slip-resistant fit for those with a low nose bridge and high cheekbones. The fully magnified lenses will give you a sophisticated look and are available in powers +1.25 to +3.00.

The Cerritos

Readers.com The Cerritos Reading Glasses

Inspired by the sunny L.A. suburb, Cerritos reading glasses have their own very unique and playful style. They have a geometric round frame made out of delicate-looking and eye-catching gold-toned metal wire and are ideal for people with low nose bridges and high cheekbones. These stylish eyeglass frames have fully magnified lenses available in powers +1.25 to +3.00.

The Rowland

Readers.com The Rowland Reading Glasses

The Rowland are lightweight readers with a slim round frame made out of satin silver-finished metal wire. They are a perfect choice if you want readers that are light and easy to wear and will complement a variety of face types. These youthful frames are fully magnified and are available in powers +1.25 to +3.00.

The Stapleton

Readers.com The Stapleton Reading Glasses

Show off your bold, one-of-a-kind style with Stapleton reading glasses. These readers have a cat eye-shaped plastic frame in a unique bi-color palette of shiny brown marble and crystal pink. These lenses will give you a chic look and are fully magnified with the power of your choice between +1.25 and +2.50.

Reading Glasses – Don’t Stop at Just One Pair!

These styles just scratch the surface of what Readers.com® has to offer! If you’re anything like us, you like to have a pair of readers in every room (and within reach) to grab your readers quickly. At these low prices (and their awesome sales), it’s easier than ever to stock up. And because you’re not paying hundreds of dollars for a single pair like you might at the eye doctor, it hurts less when you happen to misplace a pair.

If you’re in the market for new reading glasses that are both stylish and affordable, this is your place. No more settling for readers off the drugstore rack that don’t fit your face shape or style! One word of caution: when you wear your Readers.com® reading glasses, people will ask you where you got them!


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