Tips for Perfecting Your Holiday Pout

Red Pouty Lips

It’s the time to make memories with family and friends. We are all getting our pictures snapped
everywhere we go this season and we want our makeup to look flawless, right? During the holidays, you really want to rock the perfect ruby red pouty lips and be able to maintain them. Here are some tips, tricks and products to help!

1. Prep and care for those kissers.

If you are using the drying lip stains during the day (they are amazing but you just need to give
your lips a little love afterwards), bite your lips, or just live where the weather is getting super
chilly, then sleeping with a little Vaseline at night can do wonders for chapped, dry lips. I have fallen in love with Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy. When you wake up your lips feel so moisturized and supple!

2. Exfoliate for maximum freshness.

Doing a weekly lip scrub can work wonders for your lips. Not only with removing dead skin
but also just giving the appearance of a beautiful and smooth lip. Bite Beauty has some fun lip products. Everything from a great agave sugar scrub to a little mini lip mask. Why let the face have all the fun?

If you want something easy and fast, you can mix sugar with some honey or even Vaseline and scrub it with a toothbrush in a small, gentle circular motion. Viola! Your lips are prepped for

3. While you’re getting ready…

When you are putting on your foundation or tinted moisturizer, just take a super small amount
on your finger and rub it gently onto the outer edges of your lips. This helps to ensure what you
put on your lips next has a little something to grab onto.

If you need a little extra help, lip primers can be great! A cheap one that works absolute wonders is NYX Professional Makeup Lip Primer. This is great for under a lipstick or stain and
the price is right!

4. Lining insures pouty lip success!

Before you put on your lipstick or stain of choice, it is important to line the lips. This helps to
have a little more precision when drawing out your color and also gives it an edge so that the
color does not seep over and bleed.

I love lining my lip and then filling in my entire lip in to give it an extra oomph of color and staying power. I do this on my clients too when I know they don’t have time for touch ups! If you have an issue with color bleeding there are some great clear lip liners that help keep any color in check. So many brands carry them but Estēe Lauder Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil works wonders.

5. Time for color!

Now for the best part. What color to wear? You are all primed and prepped and ready to get sassy! My favorite lipstick ever, if I do say so myself is Limelife by Alcone Perfect Lipstick. It really is a mix in between a moisturizing lipstick and a stain. Limelife lippies are all I keep in my pro and personal kit. Their liners, lip stains, and lipsticks are just magical! They take a licking (literally) and keep on ticking!

6. Blot away your excess.

If you are using a liquid stain that dries, refrain from licking your lips right after application. Just
part them for a moment and let them dry completely. If you have put lipstick on, blot off a little of the excess using a tissue. Now you are ready to slay!

Extra Tips and Tricks for Pouty Lips:

  • It’s best to have dry lips before applying any color or primer. By this I mean not licking your lips right before adding product or having any extra Vaseline or gloss on. It can affect the staying power of your final choice of lip product.
  • Your lip liner does not have to be the exact color of your lipstick or stain either. As long as you have a color that is lighter or the same color than your end lip color you’ll be fine. I have a light pink tone that I wear under reds all the time.
  • When wearing matte liquid stains, do not stack any glosses on top. These stains are formulated especially for looking matte and staying on for ridiculous amounts of time. When you start stacking too many products on them, the formulas can go into battle and a mess can ensue.

There are some liquid lipsticks that have a second coat to apply after the color dries if you want
a shiny look. The cheap and fabulous Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor is a great product that has a yummy shiny texture.


I think you are ready to eat, drink, and be merry, and maybe even stand under the mistletoe, if it strikes your fancy! Hopefully if you have any lipstick issues you will have found a trick to nip it in the bud with these steps for the perfect holiday pouty lips.

Happy holidays everyone! Xoxox


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