6 Simple Steps to Treat Your Skin from Within

Stop using expensive products and find ways to treat your skin from within. Here are 6 ways to look great by being healthier.
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If you’re tired of trying every serum and facial cream on the market to no avail, you’re definitely not alone. Not only can it be a waste of money if the products don’t work, but it can be an even bigger waste of time. Happily, there are ways to treat skin from within. Here’s the scoop on how being proactive can make a world of difference. 

Disclosure: As always, and with any of my posts, this article on treating skin from within is for informational purposes only. I adore you just the way you are, and only you know your skin best. If, after reading, you have questions, please feel free to consult your dermatologist or physician to determine if these tips and steps are for you.

Take Your Vitamins – Specifically A, B, & C

woman taking vitamins

When I was younger (much younger!), I remembered loving to take my Flintstone vitamins – remember those? In several flavors and characters, I would down them without question. Fast forward to my teen years and up through my forties, when taking vitamins never occurred to me. I was healthy, in tip-top shape, and ate well-ish. 

This past year, on a whim, I purchased vitamin gummies to give them a shot, and I’ve actually noticed an improvement in both my skin and nails. Making your skin look and feel healthier is as easy as singing the first five notes of the alphabet song: A, B, C, D, E.

Vitamin A – Responsible for promoting skin cells to regenerate. It also suppresses sebaceous glands in the skin. 

Vitamin B – Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you don’t want to take a multivitamin, look for vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, for the best benefits. 

Vitamin C – An antioxidant that helps your body to make collagen (a protein that keeps our skin from sagging) and promotes tissue growth and repair. Side note: it’s good for your body’s resistance to pests like colds and flu. 

Vitamin D – Suffer from psoriasis? Vitamin D may offer a significant benefit. While we are recommended to stay out of the sun for our skin, vitamin D is made when sunlight is absorbed through it and is used to create new, healthy cells. It also helps with skin tone. 

Vitamin E – with its massive antioxidant effects, it prevents premature aging in skin cells and helps to regulate vitamin A levels. 

Nix the Alcohol

no drinking

Yes, I already hear you. It’s always nice to sit back with a nice glass of red or white wine and relax. But, too much of a tasty thing can wreak havoc on your skin. If you want your skin to appear more radiant and look younger than it actually is, it’s all about moderation, my friend. 

Stress Less

less stress, woman reading a book relaxing

Easier written than done, I know. But stress, especially that lasts long periods, is bad for everything, including the skin. It can cause hives, rashes, breakouts, and a plethora of additional adverse effects. Popular ways to stress less include calming apps, yoga, exercise, breathing exercises, and running your feet over a golf ball.

Sleep More

Woman sleeping

I’m talking to all of the hot flashers in the crowd here. I know it’s downright impossible to get a good night’s sleep when you’re soaking the bed with sweat every night, but sleep is essential to better skin. The less sleep we get, the more cortisol we produce. And cortisol is responsible for breaking down collagen. 

Easy ways to get more rest include:

  • Keep your bedroom at the ideal temperature for you. For me, the colder, the better, but it is recommended that 65 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal. 
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed.
  • Exercise. I can’t exercise later in the afternoon or at night because it has the opposite effect, so get up and move when best for you. 
  • Be consistent. Go to bed at the same time each night. If it takes you a while to unwind, take that into account as to what time you hit the sack. 

Go Fish!

Eating fish and cancer risk

It’s not just a fun card game; eating fish is a great way to get natural doses of Omega-3 fatty acids. Responsible for heart health, it has skin benefits that include keeping the skin supple and reducing inflammation. Not a fan of fish like I am? Take a daily supplement or eat foods rich in it, including green, leafy veggies, honey, and avocados. 

Drink Water, and Plenty of It

drink lots of water, hydration

Lately, it seems like you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone carrying a water bottle, and for good reason. Keeping hydrated helps maintain proper body temperature, protect sensitive tissues and the spinal cord, and eliminate waste.

When it comes to our skin, keeping a proper balance of fluids in our body is a must to stave off dry skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will also become more noticeable, and an uneven complexion may show more readily. 

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