Loving It! Prime Picks for Prime Women for Hair & Skin
must-haves for hair
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Loving It! Prime Picks for Prime Women for Hair & Skin

In the spirit of sharing the products we’ve found that we LOVE, we bring you the following must-haves for hair and skin.

must-haves for hairThe Flatiron GHD Platinum Styler

Where most flatirons will do their job, but leave your hair damaged in the process, the patented tri-zone technology of the GHD Platinum Styler creates any style you want – with one pass – minimizing damage – and wear & tear!


 must-haves for hairTria Laser 4X

This updated FDA-cleared laser reports a 70% reduction in hair regrowth after two treatments. Works on your face and body, and has been getting rave reviews from users with light to medium skin tones and brown to black hair. It’s a real bargain when you consider the cost of electrolysis and far more convenient.


Parlux 385 Power Lightmust-haves for hair

Recommended by beauty experts, the must-haves for hair include the Parlux Powerlight 385 is super light weight, yet powerful, so drying your hair is fast. Best of all, you don’t have to suffer from a sore shoulder and neck from straining to support the weight of a heavy dryer. It’s also quiet and has four temperature settings, plus a cold shot button to add shine and seal the hair cuticle.


must-haves for hair Mason Pearson Paddle Brush

This original rubber cushion hair brush has been around since 1885. Made by hand, it massages the scalp gently, helping distribute oils throughout your hair, untangling and unknotting as it goes. One reader has owned this brush for over 10 years and it still has all it’s bristles. Talk about a good investment!


Tria Age Defying Lasermust-haves for hair

The only available FDA-cleared, at home non-ablative fractional laser that can be used on the entire face to minimize wrinkles, smooth skin, and restore skin luminosity. According to reports:

– 76% reported reduction in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
– 95% of users saw smoother skin and reported an improvement in overall appearance
– 87% of users reported that their skin looked more radiant and youthful

Hope you try some of our recommendations – and let us know what you think. Also, make sure you share your favorite products with us so we can pass the good word along to our readers.

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