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Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Clarisonic_PediFootHave you ever tried a product that so exceeded your expectations that you wanted to tell everyone about it? Well, that is what I am doing now. The product is the Clarisonic Pedi, and let me be clear that I have absolutely no association with the people that make or sell this superb little gadget.


Let’s face it; we women torture our tootsie’s with shoes that are far more fashionable than they are comfortable. We love looking gorgeous in sky high stilettos and platform wedgies. Even barely there sandals can rub blisters and make our arches ache from too little support. Exercise shoes can cause pain if they aren’t fitted properly and the short fin “zoomers” that I swim in rub my heels and the top of my feet raw. Most of us kill our backs and feet standing at networking events and cocktail parties, and we have all found ourselves running through airports in a sprint to make the last plane home before they close the plane door.

At the end of a long day when you have a long night ahead of you have you ever said, “feet don’t fail me now?” We need to feel comfortable head to toe, and the above named machine by Clarisonic can certainly help with the part of you that is below the ankle.

feet4Like most of you, I get pedicures regularly. In my case, about once a month, but in between times my heels and the balls of my feet can still get dry and cracked no matter how much hand and body lotion I slather on them. That’s where the Clarisonic Pedi comes in. It has a dry buffing head that allows you to lift off dry skin from heels and the balls of your feet. This only takes a second and you will find it quite invigorating, but my favorite is the combination brush head that you use with a buffing treatment cream while you are in the tub or shower. It feels wonderful and it makes it seem like you are getting a luxurious treatment in a first class spa.

Feet2After you have smoothed away all the dry skin, you then use the Pedi-boost oil that is described as a “foot renewing peel.” It makes the bottoms of your feet feel so silky. Then you finish off with the Pedi-Balm or “foot softening treatment.” This whole routine only adds about 3 extra minutes to your bathing or showering routine and makes you feel wonderfully relaxed.

Twice a week is optimum for this ritual, but you will notice a real difference with only one session. It is an easy way to rejuvenate a part of the body that we rely on all day every day. If you live in a big city like New York where everyone walks everywhere, you will wonder how you ever got along without one of these nifty little machines. Your feet will look prettier and they will carry you further with fewer aches and pains. That’s a pretty good deal for something that costs around $175. That’s a luxury most of us can afford and one that we all deserve.


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