Best Face Serum for Women Over 50

Best Face Serum for Women Over 50

best face serum for women over 50

I think by now we’ve all heard of face serum, and some of us probably have a bottle or two of it in our bathroom cupboard. But do you really know what it does? I felt like I knew the basic premise of what it does, and I’ve applied it to help moisturize before, but I wanted to find out how I could get the best benefit from it. 

As expected, face serum is a way to moisturize your face, but it’s not technically a moisturizer. It’s designed to help your moisturizer work better than it would on its own. To get the best benefit from a facial serum, plan to apply it after you clean your face but before you moisturize – it’s a step that binds the process together. Because it has smaller molecules than a moisturizer, it can seep into your skin deeper and allow your moisturizer to go deeper as well. This ability is what makes it an anti-aging super-ingredient because it gets down below the surface and makes a much bigger difference than other skin products.

As with everything, not all serums are created equal. We compiled a list of great serums for every skincare need and price point. If you’ve considered adding this to your skincare process, here are some options worth considering. 

Face Serums for Mature Skin

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