Shadow Root: Fewer Trips to the Salon

Shadow root is a new hair trend that saves time and money.

Do you ever feel as though you spend way more time at the salon than is strictly necessary? Between trendy haircuts that require more frequent trims and getting a fresh color that pops or helps cover grays, the salon trips certainly can add up. If you’re feeling as though you would like to cut back a bit on those trips, then the shadow root trend is definitely something you will want to familiarize yourself with.

Explaining Shadow Root

Shadow root is often referred to as stretched root by those in the cosmetology business, according to Philosophi Salon & Salt Spa. If you aren’t yet familiar with this hair trend, it essentially means that it is completely okay for your natural root color to show. In fact, it’s the whole point! With this color trend, your roots should look like they are in a shadow.

Is Shadow Root Just Ombré by a Different Name?

You may be wondering whether shadow root is another term for the ombré trend. While the two types of hair coloring styles are similar, they are not actually the same thing due to a few differences. Philosophi notes that ombré styles typically incorporate two or three hair colors and can sometimes look overly harsh if not done properly by a professional. Shadow root, on the other hand, can take on a similarly extreme appearance with deep brown or black roots and lighter blonde and brown tones at the ends, but it often ends up being more subtle.

Shadow Root’s Many Benefits

Now that you have a better idea of what shadow root or stretched root is, it’s time to explore the many benefits this type of coloring can provide. First and foremost: you won’t have to make appointments at the salon quite as often as you have been.

For one thing, Philosophi notes that if you’re going for the shadow root look you can plan to extend your color appointments out to somewhere between every six to ten weeks. That represents quite a bit more time between visits, since many industry professionals tend to recommend going in for color touch-ups about every four to eight weeks.

A Trend That Saves Time and Money

Not only will you get some extra time between color touch-ups, but it’s going to help keep those pennies in your purse. Obviously, paying for fewer salon visits is really going to start adding up. Beyond that, choosing to go with a shadow root look means that when you do visit your go-to stylist, you’re not going to have to spend hours in her chair. According to Philosophi, you can plan on your touch-up appointments lasting somewhere around 1.5 hours. Compare that to spending several hours getting highlights done and you can easily see how shadow roots can save you both time and money. No offense to your stylist, but it is nice to relax over a cup of coffee with a friend rather than sit in a salon chair for hours at a time!

Personalized Hair Trends

In addition to requiring fewer trips to your local salon, shadow root is a hair trend that allows you plenty of room for customization. Some people prefer a starker contrast between their roots and the rest of the hair shaft. Others may want more of a subtle look. If you’ve been covering up your gray and are now considering letting more of your gray shine through, this trend is a wonderful option. Work with your stylist to ensure a beautiful transition as you embrace your silver strands.

Visual Hair Inspiration

If you are a little unsure about trying this trend, perform an online search or two. From there, you can see the beautiful variety of shadow root looks, from bold to subtle and everything in between. Once you find some colors you enjoy, call up your stylist and make an appointment. Be sure to let them know you’re considering a shadow root look. He or she will be able to advise you on which of the looks might work best with your particular hair texture, color, style, and other features. That way, you’ll ensure a beautiful transition from your current hair color to this fun shadow root look.

Shadow Root’s Bottom Line

Shadow root is a hair trend that’s much lower maintenance, making it a fitting choice for the chaotic current events we’ve all been experiencing recently. If you’re looking to save yourself a few trips to the salon or maybe hoping to trim your hair care budget, shadow root is a great trend for you. Its very hands-off nature is also a fun way to experiment with letting your natural hair color grow out, whether that be blonde or black or brown or red. You can also try out shadow root if you’re newly going gray and want to ease yourself into rocking a full head of silver strands.

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