Less is More

When is Less More?

I am a big supporter of change. For example, changing one’s look is like a new breeze. When done, we feel sexy, current and renewed. But with all change, we have to veer towards appropriate. I think that is the secret to looking your youngest at every age.

The inspiration of this story has taken its grounding moments within the very walls of my salon. Over the years, I have become a technician of extending hair. Sure hair does grow, but often not quick enough to give my client the look they are seeking. I have learned the art of illusion, or the manipulation of reality, taking the hair of others to give the client in front of me the hair of their dreams. By installing extensions, I can make someone’s hair thicker, length longer and conceal scalp when a woman suffers from female Patent Baldness. The secret is the art of transition and the skill of leading the journey, rather than being manipulated to take an approach my artistic integrity does not support.

Here is where my story begins…

In the last few months, I have noticed that my salon clients have gotten wind that we care and maintain extended hair. A few of these new faces were obviously led down the wrong path. If either extensions don’t match your hair or your hair is too short for the length you desire, the outcome can be fatal and extremely unnatural. For extended hair to work, there must be a blend and flawless transition. Length should have a bearing of age, quality of skin and existing hair at all times to look most natural.

As October is upon us, we must make the division clear. Dressing up in a costume should be left to October 31st.

The secret to looking your best at every age is as simple as this – less is more. A woman who adopts this philosophy will remain as youthful as time allows.

Below is an example of a before/after done well:



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