Get Long Lucious Curls with Jumbo Hot Rollers

Get Long Lucious Curls with Jumbo Hot Rollers

Susan Lucci

Are hot rollers making a comeback? With publications such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Harpers Bazaar talking about them, you better believe they are! When you think of hot rollers, think about voluminous curly hair that is perfect every time. You grew up seeing your mother and grandmother use these beauty tools, and now your kids and grandkids will do the same. 

Another bonus to these beauty products is how easy they are to use and their ability to be used on all hair types. While you can get lovely curls with a curling iron, it can take forever, especially when you have long hair or thick hair. With a hot roller set, the curlers are heated in the case, and you have your choice of heat settings. After applying them to your locks, they cool as they curl, making the process pretty simple.

Most rollers come in a compact case that offers different roller sizes for different looks that allow you to achieve more than one type of curl. If you have short hair or want tighter curls, you should use the small rollers. If you want loose curls or have longer hair, you’ll get the best results with the medium rollers. Either way, you’ll achieve beautiful curls without spending a long time on your hair.

Here are our favorite hot rollers to get beautiful curly hair.

Best Hot Rollers for Long Lucious Curls

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If you choose to use heated ceramic hair curlers, you’ll find that you’re less likely to get the frizzy hair associated with foam rollers – especially if you have thin hair. Plus, you’ll use less heat than you would with tools that use higher heat to get the same look. Whichever method you choose, make sure to use a heat protection spray to protect your long locks, and don’t use the maximum temperature the first time you use hot hair rollers, so you run less chance of damaging your hair. Proper care and protection are some of the most important factors in attaining healthy, beautiful hair for years to come.

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