Hollywood Glamour Hairstyle

Hollywood Glamour Hairstyle

As a hair stylist, I spend a lot of time changing looks for people for special occasions. Oftentimes, I am given a celebrity that my client identifies with to make that style happen.

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Hayley in my salon


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Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain



WandingLast week, for example, Hayley was attending a black tie event with her new guy. Now for me, I get inspired by wardrobe and pictures. She saw a picture of Jessica Chastain and explained her outfit to me and wanted a similar feel for her event. So many times women will go to an event and try to make themselves look totally different. To me, this  doesn’t usually work well and most often leaves the client with a picture that soon after it is taken to be anti-climatic. So when Hayley mentioned to me after coloring her hair that she wanted to wear her beautiful hair down, we got right to it and created the perfect Hollywood glamour hairstyle!

Wanding is a great way to transform your hair. It’s a simple technique that anyone can do at home. By merely taking your own hair and twisting it around the barrel of the wand, you too can go from straight to a red carpet Hollywood glamour hairstyle. Using small sections starting in the nape and working up the head until every piece of hair has been waved is all you have to do. The smaller the section, the tighter the wave. In Hayley’s case, we did a deep part. After the entire hair was waved, I used my fingers as a brush to comb out the hair. A little of Paul Labrecque volume to finish, and glamour was locked in place for the night.

Paul Labrecque Products

FYI, just because you are in your Prime doesn’t mean you can’t wear your hair long for as long as you want. Adding waves is a great way to give yourself a more youthful look. ‘

If you want to try this look at home, both items are available at www.paullabrecque.com.

May all your glamour girl dreams come true!

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