The biggest question I get is, “Can I color my hair at home between my color appointments? My gray comes back in two weeks!”

Yes, it’s true. Gray grows from the scalp and, in as little as two weeks after color, you may start to see little white dots near your scalp that look like it’s growing out.

However, coloring one’s own hair could end up in a catastrophe! When a colorist applies color hair professionally, it is put on to new growth only. Standing above you, we have the best vantage point to catch and cover every gray hair. To be as effective, you would need to lift your arm above your head and contort your body while using 3 mirrors for reflection – it just spells disaster!

Many at-home coloring attempts result in a variety of botched results. You could make spots, your highlights could all but disappear, get real messy, and your ends (which are very porous) could drink up too much color. Your DIY could even leave you with black ends and light roots.

Any of these self-inflicted problems will give you a hair color bill that amounts to double or triple your usual service cost and waste hours of your already hectic day in the salon just so you can once again greet your public.

viviscalchart-272x300So, what’s the answer???  Viviscal makes hair color fibers.  I sell them in all my shops and on my website

They come in five different shades. Pick one darker than your own color and it will shake your gray away for an extra 2 weeks. This product washes off with each shampoo and will never ruin what you’ve spent a lot of money to create.

Viviscal has my 5-star rating of approval. One added bonus: if you have a thinning spot, this fiber help it disappear in front of your eyes!


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