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Are you looking for an at-home method to get spa services without all the muss and fuss of heading to the salon and paying ridiculous prices? Toss out those dated gua shas, jade rollers, and refrigerated spoons, and check out what the SiO Cryo line products have in store for you!

What are Cryo Facials?

A Cryo Facial is a service offered by a spa that can remove nasty toxins from your body, minimize pores, even out skin tone, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and even stimulate blood flow to help boost collagen regeneration all while reducing wrinkles. It is done by using vaporized nitrogen to constrict the blood vessels. SiO does not use vaporized nitrogen, but vasoconstriction can be achieved in other ways.

SiO’s Cryo Line Product Breakdown

SiO Cryodrop “Cold-Controlled Magnetic Facelift”

SiO Beauty cryodrop

This smooth, drop-shaped tool is medical-grade steel with excellent heft. It boasts a lifetime magnetic charge and has a bevy of uses. It utilizes diamagnetic technology in tandem with the cryo creams, so when they are applied and massaged in with this charged “drop,” it activates all of the
goodies into our skin and boosts them. The massaging movements “iron” out wrinkles while its coolness reduces any puffiness and minimizes pores. The cooler temperature, along with the massage, really helps to relax your facial muscles, making for a lovely way to start or end your day!

SiO Energy System “Rapid Moisture Drop System”

SiO Cryo energy serum

This serum is wonderful on its own but is a perfect dance partner when paired with the Cryodrop because of its diamagnetic technology. This serum does all the fabulous things we need: hydrates, refreshes, and provides anti-aging, all while providing a little protective barrier, so our skin’s natural
moisture is locked in longer. It has all the good stuff, including hyaluronic acid and even a new generation of hydrolyzed collagen peptides that helps us get our glow back! When this caviar of cream hits our skin and is massaged in with the Cryodrop, the charged ions work together to help send everything further into our skin’s layers.

SiO Cryo Eye Cream “Refreshing & Contouring Treatment”

SiO Cryo eye cream

The key ingredients in this product are plankton extract which stimulates elastin and collagen regeneration while reducing inflammation. It also contains the “pink perfection” Camellia Japonica flower. This flower holds massive amounts of vitamins A, D, and E, which help hydrate while
protecting your skin from UV rays and other free radicals. Is it cool that this flower represents eternal life too? I also LOVE that it doesn’t just throw collagen in the mix, but it is hydrolyzed, which means that the collagen has been broken down into even smaller particles to penetrate even further into your skin’s layers.

PRO TIP: Tapping this into the skin with your middle finger before rubbing it in will yield better results because it has a wonderful jelly-like consistency.

SiO Cryo Fill “Targeted Plumping & Smoothing Wrinkle Treatment”

This injectables alternative can be used anywhere you feel necessary! Maybe you have more laugh lines, elevens, or deeper nasolabial folds you want to target? It contains hexapeptides, which actually work like botox by relaxing our muscle contractions and boosting collagen (don’t worry, it’s so minor you can’t feel it…but it is good to know it’s there!). It also has amino acids, vitamin C, and some sexy exopolysaccharides that visibly plump and hydrate your skin!

SiO Cryo Body Cream “Firming & Tightening Moisturizer”

Sio Cryo body cream

This wonderfully thick but never greasy body cream (dare I say luxury butter instead?) has many of the same wonderful ingredients that we have come to know and love throughout the line thus far, including our camellia japonica flower, vitamin E, and shea butter. It also has Coralina Marine red algae extract, which is rich in antioxidants and proteins.

My Experience

Sio Cryo system

Upon receiving the SiO eye cream, cryo fill serum, cryo body cream, and the Cryodrop in the mail, I immediately fell in love with the product design. It only took a few minutes to read through everything and understand what the main ingredients were, the science behind the cryo system, and the instructions.

To see the clear effects of each cream and serum, I applied them in very specific areas. I used the fill serum on my neck (my skin has the most crepiness here, so I thought I’d throw it in the deep end) and kept it far from the eyes, so there was no overlapping product. After that, I used the body butter on my decollete and torso sides. I don’t moisturize the area underneath my armpits enough, and due to gravity and neglect, I wanted to give a little side-boob some body cream love to see if it would help.

Easy to Use

The instructions for the SiO creams and serums say to apply before any other things you might be using. I forewent my regular retinoid treatment for 2 weeks to get all of the results that I possibly could, but that being said, I still applied my daily moisturizer after my SiO routine. I do appreciate that this step is clarified. Still, I will ask my dermatologist about the best way to layer everything for future use so that I can achieve all of my product’s maximum potential!

The Cool and Collected Cryodrop

SiO does say not to freeze the Cryodrop. You can pop it in the fridge and get it to its maximum coolness 5 minutes prior to your routine, or you can just rinse it and keep it in its cool little sleeve, and it stays cool on its own. I kept my Cryodrop in the fridge because with it being steel, it can draw your body heat out quickly, so I wanted to prolong all of the cold massages as possible (did I mention I live in Texas?). It feels absolutely fabulous! I loved doing it at night to relax and also in the morning to refresh and revive! The tiny little spaceship design is perfect for all your facial nooks and crannies, like under the eyes and the neck. It literally feels like you are smoothing out your skin.

The SiO website has awesome little massage tutorial videos for the Cryodrop, too, such as “revive and refresh,” “release & relax,” and “the elasticity boost.” The “release and relax” is my fave because it’s like face yoga. I want to get one of these little guys for my professional kit as well because I think my clients would love it!

Make Your Eyes Pop!

When utilizing the SiO Cryo Eye Cream for 2 weeks in both morning and evening, I really did notice a difference. Being a professional makeup artist, I know the importance of taking good care of your skin. Have you ever noticed that everything fine line, wrinkle, and dry patch stands out a little more when applying foundation to dehydrated skin? These creams are extra dreamy because they work so well under makeup without causing it to shift or slide. My skin felt glowing and moisturized throughout the entire day.

Finishing Up with Fills and Creams

The SiO Cryo Fill worked for my neck a little bit, but it is pretty crepey, so I am sure if I keep it up
with the Cryodrop, I will see even more results. When used in tandem with the Cryodrop, it really felt tighter and not like a darn iguana! I am excited to keep this going and see it get even better!

The SiO Cryo Body Cream was my absolute favorite! Can I just bathe in it? Every time I went to the restroom, I would put more on my arms and hands. It can be addictive, so be careful! It feels amazing and thick without being greasy or taking forever to settle into the skin, and it is absolute heaven putting it on after the shower. I had a mini sunburn from a day at the beach when I started using it on my decollete, and it really helped quell the craziness while really prolonging any peeling. My “side-boob” area looks pretty happy, too, as I can see a big difference!

Check out the SiO Beauty ‘Before and After’ page for the results of other SiO Beauty users! 


It feels like SiO takes the time to research the ingredients; they are not just 95% fillers with 5% “good ones.” Also, a little dab’ll do ya! A smidgen of this product goes quite a long way, so you are definitely getting more bang for your buck. I am so happy I had a chance to try this product out and incorporate it into my self-care beauty ritual on a daily basis! 

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Benefits of a cryo facial


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