5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Multi for 2024

If you want an easy way to attain healthier living look no further than wellness wake-up™! It will elevate your multi-vitamin to the next level.
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Want to step into a bright new chapter of well-being? Need more smash in your pickleball game? Craving more pep in your step to keep up with your grandkids?

If optimal vitality is ranking at the top of your wish list for 2024, then it’s time for a wellness wake-up™!

Here are 5 reasons it may be time to upgrade your multivitamin:

  1. You are still taking the multi you started in your 30s or 40s. Just like your eyeglasses prescription changes, so do your nutritional requirements. For instance, Vitamins like D3, K, and B12 are essential for women 50+. If your current multi isn’t keeping up, it’s likely little better than a placebo. Upgrade your nutritional game with a more advanced & professional formula, like wellness wake-up.
  2. You are experiencing menopause energy slumps. Energy during menopause can feel like it’s coming in waves (often more ebb than flow). One moment, you’re tackling your to-do list like a champ . . . the next, you feel like a cat in a warm window, ready to curl up for a nap. To avoid slumps or spikes, your multi should deliver balanced energy from a thoughtful selection of natural herbs and tea extracts.
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  1. You are taking longer to recover from a workout. If your electrolytes (e.g., magnesium, potassium) and essential nutrients (e.g., iodine, folate) are out of sync, then your body may not have the nerve, muscle, and vascular support it needs to thrive. Working out is healthy and helpful, so you don’t want to begin feeling like it’s a detriment—after all, menopause need not be a time of decline or deficit when it can be a new era of grace and vitality. Simply give your body what it needs.
  2. Your body is showing signs of oxidative stress. Fatigue, brain fog, and aches are a few of the potential signs. When free radicals get the upper hand, antioxidants can be your best friend to help restore balance. Look to the likes of mangosteen, apple, and grape skins to bolster your body’s natural renewal processes.
  3. Your digestion is not what it used to be. Sure, you may be taking a probiotic, but are you taking one suitable for women 50+? And what about the enzymes your body needs to digest and absorb nutrients properly? Particularly with the prevalence of processed foods and additives, you need the right combination of digestive support to keep your body running smoothly.

Packed With Ingredients

Wellness Wakeup Ingredients

With over 40 carefully chosen ingredients, wellness wake-up is packed with layers of nutritional support designed particularly for your age and stage in life. A revolutionary blend of science and nature, it not just meets but exceeds the standards for nutritional daily requirements.

Certainly, a multivitamin is not a miracle cure, but it can provide beneficial support for a mature woman’s body throughout her lifespan. Strong bones, healthy nerve impulses, and normal hormone & cardiac functions all rely on vitamins and minerals. Move closer to peak performance with wellness wake-up.

This doctor-formulated multivitamin features a special complex of:

  1. Vitamins (dozens of quality ones)
  2. Enzymes (for optimal digestion)
  3. Phytonutrients (like bioflavonoids)
  4. Probiotics (for overall wellness)
  5. Energizing herbs (to fuel your day)
  6. Minerals (to bolster your diet)

Uplifted and Energetic

wellness wake-up multivitamins are what Angela M. calls “A big boost in drive and energy. I love these vitamins; I felt a difference in three days. I was on Cloud 9 and still feel uplifted!”

Tracey V. raves that “wellness wake-up multi formula helped me get out of bed & replenish the minerals zapped from high stress & cortisol my entire adult life!!”

Tiffany Hendra wellness Bolster Beauty

Wellness advocate and Bolster Beauty by SottoPelle® ambassador Tiffany Hendra says, “The ingredients are amazing!” It’s the multi that she and her husband take to keep up with their busy lifestyles.

Filling the Gaps

With today’s hustle culture, vitamin deficiency has become the norm. Fast, convenient foods may shave a few minutes off the clock or a few items off the to-do list; they also provide pitifully inadequate nutrition.

The body needs to maintain proper vitamin and mineral levels in order to efficiently perform even the most basic of physiological functions. The depletion of vitamins and minerals levels can make us more susceptible to illness and fatigue.

Since most vitamins can’t be manufactured or synthesized by the body, we have to rely on our diets or supplements to provide us with these vital keys to good health.

wellness wake-up is a simple step you can take daily to support your body’s full potential and to help you improve your general well-being. Plus, consider the time and money you could save by going from six different supplements to one amazing formula!

Recommended 4 capsules per day. This dietary supplement, ideally taken with food daily, may help promote better physiological functions. Consult your healthcare professional. Results may vary.


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