8 Natural Ways To Manage Adult Anxiety

If you experience anxiety, there are ways you can treat it - naturally. Here are 8 ways to manage adult anxiety without medication.
Natural remedies for anxiety

The next time you find yourself too tense to cope with anxiety, use some of these natural tips and techniques to ensure your concern remains low and to allow yourself to enjoy life again. These tips are best for those not wanting to take prescription medication to handle anxiety. While the choice is yours, these natural ways to manage stress are safe and easy to adapt.

Adult Anxiety

Anxiety has no preference for whether you’re an adult male or an adult female. Living with anxiety can destroy who you are at any given moment. While many of us suffer from anxiety in our adult years, what happens when you choose to treat it naturally? Today I want to share a few natural ways to handle adult anxiety.

One minute you’re perfectly fine, then suddenly, you find yourself unable to breathe. Sound familiar? This is an anxiety attack when your heart races and you feel tears welling up in your eyes. It can be brought on by merely being in a crowded place.

Whether you call it an anxiety attack or a panic attack, the symptoms are the same and are often based on irrational fear. Some believe that hemp oil works wonders for many things, including anxiety. That being said, there are some ways you can learn to handle stress to allow you to attend events, go on family vacations, travel alone or in a group, or face whatever you fear.

8 Natural Ways to Manage Adult Anxiety

Managing Anxiety with gaming; or using Indica or Sativa to treat anxiety

Anxiety is severe for many adults, and often, seeking therapy after diagnosis can be beneficial. While you may not need long-term treatment, it’s a great way to learn more about how your thoughts affect your anxiety. There are books on anxiety therapy that could very well help. Once you can master the triggers and thought patterns, you can use these techniques to develop a coping strategy.

1. Use Tunnel Vision

This technique will take some practice and self-discipline; you will find a focal point wherever you are. Focus on this point until you can use positive affirmations within your mind to get your heart rate down. From here, you can stay focused on immediate friends or that focal point until you feel the anxiety dissipating.

2. Remain Calm

It’s easy to get frustrated when anxiety hits because there’s often no rhyme or reason for those attacks. Just be patient and know that this is merely a part of who you are. Remaining patient during an attack will help calm you down faster than if you allow the stress it’s causing to overtake you.

3. Take Deep Breaths

Deep breathing, calm

When alone, practice deep breathing techniques to master the skill. Learning the power of controlling your breathing will allow you to refocus and calm the anxiety attack no matter where you are.

4. Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is known for its calming properties of apigenin and luteolin. These two ingredients help to keep a person relaxed, and this is a tea often used for those suffering from insomnia due to overwhelming anxiety symptoms.

5. Use Lavender to Handle Adult Anxiety

Lavendar to help calm anxiety naturally

Wash your clothing in lavender-scented laundry detergent, and always have an oil diffuser in your home with lavender essential oils. If you can find a way to incorporate the scent of natural lavender into your day, do it!

6. Keep An Item In Your Hand

Whether it’s your house keys, a rock, or a tension-relieving ball, always having something with you that you can physically run your fingers on will help your anxiety. Having some item in your hand will keep your focus off stress and, in turn, calm you.

7. Watch A Funny Movie

Watching a funny movie

Laughter is known to calm people, and with many comic relief memes, videos, and such online, there’s no limit to the number of funny things you can find to watch. Try to take about half an hour each day to laugh and keep your mind peaceful. Next time you turn on the TV, opt for a comedy or even a dramedy (drama + comedy).

8. Face Your Fears

Lastly, face it head-on. You’ve heard this before. This is for the brave souls ready to conquer anxiety once and for all. Try to meet one of your fears twice a year. When you accomplish this by facing your fear mentality, you’ll start to feel stronger, and anxiety will subdue.

Whatever you choose to do to help manage anxiety naturally in your adult life, know there is help. Much awareness has been made about adult anxiety, and many products are on the market to help adults handle pressure without taking medications. Natural supplements are good, too. Ask your doctor what’s available for herbal remedies to help keep your anxiety under control.

While there is no one solution for everyone, the hope is that this information will help you live with anxiety without destroying your lifestyle.

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