How Akashic Records Can Heal Past Traumas

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Shirley MacLaine has famously shared stories of her experiences in past lives, often to the ridicule of those who write off the idea as “crazy,” “whoo whoo,” or part of something more sinister. But what if the concept isn’t that far-fetched? Chances are you’ve experienced something that you described as “déjà vu,” “karma,” or simply a “bizarre coincidence.” But what if there was more to it than that? What if you could tap into those experiences to help you heal from physical or mental trauma?

Edgar Cayce, a devout churchgoer, and Sunday school teacher, was also one of the most well-known psychics of the 20th century. He not only believed in the idea of past lives, but he also spent 40 years giving readings that helped people use those past experiences to guide them in their present journey and find their calling and purpose. By opening their Akashic records, Cayce could provide insight into the root of behaviors and patterns that may have been centuries in the making. His work has influenced many of today’s well-known readers. The notion of spirit guides, past lives, and communicating through spiritual realms is slowly becoming more mainstream, with shows like Long Island Medium and Life After Death with Tyler Henry striking an otherworldly chord among even the strongest skeptics.

Your Virtual File Cabinet

Akashic Records

The word “Akashic” comes from Sanskrit and is loosely translated as “that which holds all.” To put it into modern terms, think of it as the iCloud where everything you’ve ever downloaded, researched, written, listened to, and photographed is stored. To access all the things stored on your cloud, you must know your login and password. Akashic records are similar. You have to know how to tap into the files, usually through a spiritual reader or healer.

“When we access our records, we access our spirit guides who know everything about our journey from past or future lives,” says Betsey Grady, who has been reading Akashic records for her clients for nearly seven years.

She explains that everyone has a minimum of two spirit guides working on their behalf, although some people have many more. They are usually not loved ones who have passed but rather genderless, nameless guides whose sole purpose is to accompany people during and between lives. Grady says they may appear as color, light, or energy, although some have been known to take on a specific manifestation if that is what a person needs.

“Your guides are aware of everything your soul wants in this lifetime, and they orchestrate and maneuver to make that happen,” says Grady.

Opening Your Mind

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When it comes to understanding how your spiritual guides work, it is important to open your mind and be willing to ask questions, and open your heart and spirit to receive the answers.

“Your guides are communicating with you 24/7,” says Grady. “When you have questions, they can select from a whole wealth of information in your Akashic records and relate that to you.” 

The questions can be hyper-specific such as those that center around a particular relationship or career change, or they can be more general. Grady says people often come to her with questions about why they are experiencing feelings of depression that they cannot explain or why they feel “lost” or “stuck.” Through consulting the records, she often discovers that the origins of these feelings are found in the present lifetime, but they may also be part of a pattern that has been working to be cleared for several lifetimes. For example, by allowing the guides to take her to a relevant time or place like a childhood home, she may be able to see what was going on with the parents and unearth past mental illness or a trail of tears that indicates abuse was handed down through the generations.

In other instances, it could be that the soul is trying to find a balance between the lifetimes.

“Maybe you abandoned a child in a past life, and you are being abandoned by someone you love now,” she explains, adding that it’s not like paying off a debt but more like what we refer to as karma. “The soul wants to understand what it’s like on both sides of the coin.”

Once the origin and answers are revealed, the guides may explain how the information is valuable to your present life, how you will use it moving forward, and what is lining up for you as a result. This is how healing happens.

“You should immediately experience a sense of peace and less anxiety about a situation after a reading,” says Grady. “You will be armed with tools to help you move forward in a positive direction.”

Fact Vs. Fiction

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Hiring someone to consult your Akashic records often comes with a price tag of $100-$150 per hour session. So how do you know if your reader is legit? Grady, who says she has “felt a connection to something else” her entire life, says that when the information is accurate, it resonates. She describes chills, tears, and softening of facial expressions and body language as signs that what is being said is coming from the source.

“If you don’t feel some sense of peace, comfort, or relief, you need to keep asking until you do,” she advises.

And while it may be natural to have some fears going into the process, it is important to keep them at bay. Along with doubt and skepticism, fear has no place in a reading, and Grady allays her clients’ fears by assuring them that even the information that is “hard to hear” will always be presented in a positive and uplifting way. She also opens every session with a prayer, asking the “white light of God” to surround both her and her client. This is a common practice among those who consult the records, as it provides a sense of safety and reminds the client that this is a spiritual process.

And, the more open you are, the more that your spirit guides can help you understand how to access them on your own by noticing things like repeating numbers or patterns or recurring dreams.  

“When you ask your guides specific things, your first response is usually your answer, and you have to trust in that,” says Grady. “You have to drop into your heart and feel it. The minute you start trying to put your head around it, you lose the connection.”

Resources for Unlocking and Understanding Your Akashic Records

The Beginner's Guide to the Akashic Records by Whitney Jefferson Evans
The Beginner’s Guide to the Akashic Records by Whitney Jefferson Evans, $16.99
Discover Your Soul's Path Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe
Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe, $14.29
Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records The Book of Life by Kevin J Todeschi
Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life by Kevin J Todeschi, $12.25

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